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Guest Fashion Bloggers Wanted

Your Fashion Articles, Your Fashion Writing

If you like to write about the world of fashion, or fashion in general, and you do not have a platform where your articles can actually get seen, or maybe you are concerned that your writing and your fashion articles will get buried in the vast sea of other fashion bloggers or fashion writers. Well we would love to hear from you here at Bras & Honey, we have a large and long-established customer base from all around the world.

We would like to let our members see your fashion articles, blogs, view-points and even recommendations, it does not have to be about our lingerie and swimwear, it can be about anything in the fashion world that you care to write about. We would only ask that you do not promote our competitors or write anything illegal or too contraversial, apart from that, anything goes within reason.

Why Write About Fashion?

Fashion has been around in the human population right back to the early days of mankind, fashion is never going to go away, it may change, re-cycle, reverse or come back around, but it will never go away, that is for sure.

Why write about fashion? it is of interest to people, it is diverse, it can be trendy, it can be vintage. As a fashion writer you can guide and influence people, perhaps advise and review (if you are interested in reviewing lingerie and swimwear products, we may be able to help, so please contact us with your request), let people understand what you think about fashion that you come across. It may surprise you to find out that the world of fashion revolves around people's opinions, fashion is dictated and influenced, not just by fashion houses and fashion designers, but by fashion writers and fashion bloggers and by those who care to share an opinion.

What happens to my Fashion Articles?

When you submit an article to us, the following will happen; we will post your article on the Bras & Honey Blog page, or a page on the actual Bras & Honey website under 'Fashion Articles', maybe even both our blog and website if we feel your article is of a high standard. Every article published will always carry your name as the credit. We will not edit the article in any way apart from any grammar or spelling mistakes that we feel need correcting, the content will remain exactly as supplied. After posting to our site(s) we will contact you to let you know. Please understand that we may not be able to publish everything that is submitted, it must be of a good quality and relevance and be at least 200 words.

Why would Bras & Honey do this?

Whilst we are a business selling our lingerie and swimwear online, we are also very conscious about making our website a great place to visit with lots of interesting information and especially fashion articles, we simply cannot just write about lingerie. So there is a wealth of talent out there just itching to get their voices heard and we think we have the right venue for the fashion writers and bloggers to be heard, whilst we enrich Bras & Honey with some interesting content.

Fashion Writing Guide

  • Write at least 200 words
  • Keep your article about fashion
  • Make sure it is all your own work
  • Include your name and contact details when you submit your fashion article

Submit your Fashion Article

You can send your fashion article to us in so many ways, it can be in HTML, a text file or you can simply copy it straight into an email. To send an email with your work either copied in or attached, please email to: Fashion Article Submission.

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