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Bra Fitting Guide

A Bra Fitting Guide is a very useful tool, the fit of a bra is very important to any lingerie buyer or enthusiast.Many women struggle to find their correct bra size, this can be compounde by the fact that most people do not know how a bra should fit. We have developed a few key points that you need to consider which will help you know if your bra is fitting correctly. If the back or the cups of your bra aren’t quite right the support needed will not be there. An ill fitted bra can affect all aspects of the bra like, the shape, support, ill fitting bras can even lead to muscle pain in the neck, shoulders and back. There are a few simple tips that can help identify if your bra is fitting correctly and it makes finding the right bra easier for you, and here at Bras and Honey we are going to share these useful tips with you.

We will start with the ideal way to put a bra on. Putting a bra on correctly is vital to making sure the fit is correct, so that your breasts are sitting properly in the cups. The fullest part of your breasts sitting in the fullest part of the cup. Start by putting your arms through the straps, positioning your breasts in the cups and fasten the back of the band. A new bra should fit comfortably on the loosest hook fastening, so as the bra is worn and may stretch you can fasten the bra on the middle and last hook. To make sure the breast are sitting correctly, lift your breasts into the cups or hold the wires underneath the cup, bend over and adjust in that position. And the only thing left is for the straps to be adjusted, this should be done each time you wash and wear the bra.

If the Back Band of your bra is too loose then the weight of your breasts will pull down on the bra, causing the back band to ride up. What this means is the uplift you should have is not being provided. This means your breasts will move and shift with every movement. If the back is too loose, this can cause you to tighten the bra straps, making them dig in and cause discomfort.

Always check the wires at the front and the fabric between them is sitting flat against your chest, between your breasts. If the underwiring is projects forward, away from the chest the cups are not fully enclosing your breasts. This is indicating that your cup size is too small, which may cause the breasts to rub together and become uncomfortable.

If you find your breasts bulging over the top of the cups or spilling out this can also indicate that the cup size is too small. This can cause discomfort and create the infamous “four boob” underneath clothes.

The best tip anyone can give is if you are comfortable and feel supported in your chosen bra, nothing else matters. As long as you are happy with the fit and feel of a bra, then there is nothing else to it. We hope this bra fit guide has help you understand how to fit a bra and has taken the stress out of fitting a bra and helps offer you the shape and support that you are entitled to.

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