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Bra Buying Guid

There are so many different occasions out there where you're going to want to dress up in something a bit different from the norm. Be it going for a run, a fancy black tie dinner or just a night out with friends, you're going to want to both feel and look fantastic. That's why it's important to find the right lingerie for you and here at Bras and Honey we're dedicated to making sure you have all the information to make the right choice so we've put together this simple bra buying guide to help you out. If you are looking for help with getting the right fit bra then you can look at our Bra Fitting Guide for lots of helpful tips and information on finding your correct sized bra.

Take the Plunge

When it comes to heading out at night, there are a range of bras types available for you to make a choice from. One of these types is the Plunge Bra, available in our Lingerie section which exaggerates your cleavage, bringing your sexy cleavage to the forefront. If you're looking to raise yourself up instead, then a balconette bra is a great choice: these bras shape your breasts and push them upwards but don't offer the same cleavage line as a plunge bra does. Along with these common types of bra, there are other bras that are perfectly suitable for a night out or a special occasion where you want to look your glamorous best. Next up in this bra buying guide is the simple strapless: a classic a perfect for that glamorous dress you want to wear to the white tie party you're going to.

Sporty or Spicy?

One of the bestselling types of bras these days is the Sports Bra. Unlike conventional and underwired bras, they are designed not to show off but to provide the absolute maximum in support for the wearer. For those of you blessed with that little bit more, it's essential to find a bra that not only fits you perfectly but offers you fantastic support as well. After you've finished your run, well, it's time to head out and one of the bras taking the world by storm nowadays is the multiway. A multiway bra can be adapted to fit any type of dress: it can be worn strapless, as a racer back where the straps cross over, a halter neck with one strap around your neck or just with one strap for that off your shoulder dress. All this variation means that this bra can save you having to buy many different types of bra.

For day to day use, you're going to want comfort, comfort, comfort, which is where both full cup and soft cup bras come in. In this bra buying guide, we've already told you about many different styles, but these two are some of the most popular simply because of the comfort they provide. Soft cup bras are not underwired, which means that they hold your breasts gently without the pressure that wires can have. Full cup bras, on the other hand, provide you with the utmost support, so if you've been given a bit more than most, you're going to be in comfort too.

Moulded T-shirt bras offer you the seamless shape to go under a thin top like a t-shirt, while nursing bras do exactly what they say: they offer you the support and comfort you need while you're pregnant and afterwards, also offering you easy access for breastfeeding and the additional comfort so you don't irritate yourself. Whatever bra you feel you need, remember how important it is to find a bra that fits you well. A well-fitting bra can go a long way to making you more comfortable, while the comfort provided is essential. Meanwhile, the style of the bra should suit what you want from it, so make sure it looks good both with and without a top to show off your body all the time.

Types Of Bra

Padded Half-Cup Bra

Wide straps to show off your neck and cleavage Gently brings your breasts forward Great breast uplift

Non-Wired Soft-Cup Bra

Great support and very comfy Ideal if pregnant or you have undergone an operation Great if you are still growing

Moulded Bra

A rigid bra mould for more bosom lift Or choose a soft mould for a more natural look Seam-free for a smooth looking bust

Strapless Bra

Choose a three section for larger sizes Or go for a moulded style for superb lift and breast support Great for strapless evening wear Features gripper elastic to keep your bra in place

Balcony Bra

Wide straps to show off your neck and cleavage Ideal for low-cut tops Gives great cleavage

Nursing Bra

Easy feeding with the drop-down cup Excellent support and cradle for superb comfort

Plunge Bra

Less bra coverage for a sexier look Can be lightly padded for extra support More suitable for women with a firmer bust Great cleavage

Sports Bra

Choose a soft cup performance sports bra Or an underwire performance sports bra Non-compression designs shape and lift to keep your boobs in the right place during exercise Coolmax fabric draws moisture away and dries faster than cotton

Choosing the right type of bra can be a daunting experience if you're not used to the different styles and names. So to help you on your way, we've compiled a simple guide to finding the right type of bra for you. Why complicate things.

Wired or Wireless

For years, many women have been put off by the prospect of underwired bras and their habit of sticking you with sharp wires. Yet there's no need to fear anymore, as modern bras – or at least the good ones – don't break as easily. Your underwired bra should last just as well as a wireless one. The main differences are in support. An underwired bra has a thin band or wire underneath your breasts that help shape and support each breast. On the other hand, wireless, or soft cups, generally provide less support, but can be more comfortable, and easier to get used to.

Cup Shape

There are four main cup shapes used in modern bras (once you discount the 1950's favourite bullet bras): full cup, half cup, balcony or balconette and plunge bras. A full cup bra is often a popular choice for larger cup sizes, due to the extra support that they offer. These bras cover the entire breast, generally, although some offer cleavage too.

A half cup bra generally covers between half and three quarters of your breasts, offering support while also showing off cleavage and also generally lifts your breasts too.

Balcony, or balconette, bras are designed so they cannot be seen from the top. Sometimes known as a shelf bra, they lift your breasts and show off your cleavage. These bras are more revealing than the full cup or half cup bras.

Plunge bras gained popularity in the 70's, as women wanted to show off their cleavage. These bras 'plunge' down between your breasts, creating an extended cleavage. They often push in your breasts too, to accentuate your cleavage.

Strap Style

Of course, with every bra you buy, you have the option for different strap styles too. Alternative strap types include racerback, halterneck and strapless. A racerback has straps that cross over on your back, and are good for disguising your straps when wearing a top that exposes your shoulders. It is also very common in sports bras (more on that in a minute) due to the extra support it provides.

A halterneck bra wraps around your neck, and is most common in swimwear rather than traditional bras. They are also useful for off the shoulder dresses, much like the racerback, although they provide less support.

Other types of bras

The t-shirt bra is a moulded bra that aims to be invisible underneath a t-shirt. They are generally made of soft material, and are a very common choice for younger women.

Sports bras have come a long way since humble beginnings, and some of them provide an incredible amount of support to the breasts when running – something very, very important.

So there you have it. A brief run-down of the most common types of bra. When it comes to picking the right bra, though, remember: fit is the most important thing. It doesn't matter how good the quality, if the bra doesn't fit, it will be uncomfortable.

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