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Body Shape Guide

So Bodyshapes remains one of the concepts as a woman that most of us are completely clueless about. A few quick-fire questions around the Bras&Honey office has illustrated furthermore that the world of Body shapes, Figures and Silhouettes is tricky business. But it doesn't have to be a complex process and determining your body shape helps guide you on the clothes and lingerie that will not only fit you perfectly but enhance your shape and flaunt your best assets. The key lies mainly in fruit it seems! The four most common body shapes across the world are that of the Triangle (Pear), the Rectangle (Banana), the Inverted Triangle (Apple) and the Hourglass (no appropriate fruit reference).

Using these four templates it becomes easy to define your body shape and discover your silhouette. Measure your Bus Size, Waist and Hips to give you a determined idea of your shape and allow you to relate it to one of these illustrations and be sure to take a look at our Lingerie shape guide and flaunt your best features.

The Triangle (Pear): If you're hip measurements are greater than your bust measurements then you are a certified member of the Pear Family. Bums and Hips on Pear shaped ladies are larger than their bust with a waist that gradually slopes out to the hips like the smooth and curvy contours of a Pear.

Which Lingerie to wear: Wearing lingerie that creates curves in the right place is a great idea to balance out your figure. For a fuller bottom half, accentuate your boobs with a structured bra that provides contour and shaping. Panache Lingerie is great for this. Shorts are an ideal pant for pear shaped girls with a flattering fit that retains the flirty feel.

The Rectangle (Banana): A Rectangle or Banana is the name given to those body shapes that have a straight silhouette. This means that your Hips and Bust measure relatively the same with a slightly smaller waist.

Which Lingerie to wear: With a straight, rectangular body type you are able to experiment with more unconventional lingerie styles and shapes. For this silhouette I'd always advise that lingerie should be pretty with detailing and accents. Enhance your boobs with a Longline bra and Brief set that offers lift, defines your waist and draws attention to wear you want it. Always opt for an underwire or push up to give a little boost. Huit is our favourite Swimwear brand for this shape.

The Rounded Figure (Apple): The Apple Body type often applies to larger busted ladies. The upper body for the Apple body type is proportionally larger than the hips and waist. If you have broad shoulders, a wide back, fullness in the tummy and a full chest you are an Apple lady!

Which Lingerie to wear: For a bustier girl we always champion the Fuller Coverage Bras and Side-Support styles. Don't feel frightened when you hear the term 'fuller coverage', Fantasie and Elomi are pioneers of styles for the curvier lady and their fashion conscious designs and pretty prints diminish the ideas of traditional full coverage designs. The side-support style has also become a more popular addition to our range of supportive styles. Side support utilises firm panels at the side of the cups to project the bus forward and create exceptional shape. High-waist briefs and shorts are great for flattening the tummy area and streamlining a rounded figure too.

Hourglass: To determine if you are an Hourglass your Bust and Hips are to be essentially the same size with a well-defined waist with a distinguished curve.

Which Lingerie to wear: It is considered in the western world that the Hourglass shape is the ideal body shape and retaining the balance of boobs and hips with a defined waist has essentially become the aim of most women. If you're within the lucky percentage of women who is off the Hourglass shape, accentuate your waist with a waist clincher or corset to create a more distinguished curve. Be sure to maintain a natural balance however and play around with bra and knickers styles to your hearts content.

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