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Underwear Shops: Do you prefer to try before you buy?

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on September 10, 2014

Shopping habits are constantly changing, we are working longer hours and as a consequence we have less time to spend going from shop to shop. So in your free time do you really want to go to underwear shops or do you just want to do it online. Underwear shops can be very useful as they usually offer a Bra fitting service. In a recent poll 17% of the people asked had never had a professional bra fitting.

underwear shops

Having a Bra Fitting in Underwear Shops can be very useful and informative. You will be able to see how a Bra which fits correctly and incorrectly should look, feel and fit. This knowledge will help you when you shop online. However sometimes when you are in underwear shops you can feel overwhelming pressure to make a purchase but the flip side is you get to look at the item before you make a purchase. You have someone who can advise you and give you help and assistance. With Bras and Honey you get the same help and advice our Bra Buying guide will give you all the information on the different styles of bras and help you select the best style for your size, the steps to get the right Bra size shows you how to measure yourself correctly to get the correct sized bra. You can also contact us via live chat, email or by the telephone. We are always on hand to help you.

Which one do you prefer going into a underwear shop or shopping online?


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