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Plus Size Underwear : In the Spotlight

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on August 11, 2014

With an average dress size for women in the UK at a size 16 and breast size of 36DD, both in the UK and the US, the demand for plus size underwear is on the rise.

While this average figure seems to be expanding year on year, it doesn't necessarily mean women’s bodies are expanding. Part of this growth is likely owing to the fact that women are becoming educated on bra size and are simply starting to wear bras that fit properly.

It’s a funny thing, but do you ever find that with clothes we often think we’re a bigger size than we are, yet with bras we usually underestimate ourselves? If you haven’t found your true bra size yet, measure yourself today - you will probably be surprised!

Once upon a time, larger size lingerie was an oxymoron and anything upward of a D cup could more accurately be described as ‘scaffolding’ with zero sex appeal, femininity or style.

But those days are long gone! As demand grows so does the market and now the plus size lingerie brands are offering sartorial saviours to the larger sized ladies of the world.

plus size underwear

What are you looking for in a bra?

The essential qualities:

  1. This is of course the fundamental quality for any great bra, whatever the size – it must fit properly.
  1. Sure, this goes hand in hand with fit, but it also means so much more. In the past, plus size bras have been all about taking the weight, with chunky and unsightly straps and bands – this can make you feel uncomfortable and lack confidence.
  1. The components of a great bra all work together and the style element is no different. While the shape of the bra is important for comfort and fit, how it looks is crucial too. Who said we have to wear everyday basics because they’re practical? Whoever it was, they obvious aren't up to date with the current offerings of plus size underwear. It’s time to embrace lace!

Just look at the Vivienne bra from Fantasie in the vivacious red lace, it’s about as far from dowdy as you can get.

But even if you do prefer to keep things simple, there’s something so flattering about the nude Elomi Bijou set. With the classic fifties style cut and the tiny colour matching bow details, this basic set is anything but!

For more on the bra buy habits of the UK, check out The Great British Bra Survey. You could also win a free bra a month for a year simply by taking part in their quick online survey!


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