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Ladies Underwear: Get to Know Your Shapes

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on September 22, 2014

Whether you’re buying it for yourself, or even as a gift, buying ladies underwear can be tricky business - there are just so many styles to get your head around.

From wireless to plunge, strapless to demi, there are so many options to consider it’s difficult to know what shape will work best for you.

ladies underwear

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The push up bra is one of the best all-rounders and will suit most body shapes. Not only do these enhance the cleavage and boost the appearance of smaller breasts, but they also offer great support and lift. With the right fit, they are the perfect foundation for just about any neckline too, so they are totally versatile. Arguably, no one does this style better than the iconic Wonderbra.

The balconette bra is becoming ever more popular in the lingerie world, with luxury brands such as Elle Macpherson fully embracing this flattering feminine fit.

While this style is ever so elegant and can offer some great uplift, it doesn’t always work with super low cut garments. Instead, this is where a plunge bra comes in. These two styles are underwear drawer basics and often a matter of personal preference on whether they are right for you.

When we’re worrying about bra size, styles labelled ‘full-cup’ and ‘half-cup’ can strike fear in our hearts. But these styles aren’t matters of bra sizing like we usually think about it, these are simply different styles of cup. It seems self explanatory, but it’s such an easy mistake to make when you see the term ‘half-cup’ and think all of a sudden we can now by a 34BB1/2 (if only!). No, while half sizing like that would be a dream come true for many, a half-cup is referring to the coverage the cup has over the breast and is, as it suggests, more revealing than a full cup. Simple!

Knowing your breast shape is the best place to start with understanding your underwear and can help you begin to realise how a cut of a bra will interact with your body. The research carried out by Bratabase is a great resource to help you understand your shape and see what style of bra will suit your needs.

So don’t worry, ladies underwear is nothing to fear; a bra can be your breast friend!


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