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The Best of Fantasie Bikinis

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on September 03, 2015

It has been a great season for Fantasie Bikinis, we have had some twist on and old classic and some new and inspiring collections to get our pulses racing. For so many great Fantasie Bikinis this year, they deserved a blog all of their own, to celebrate the amazing bikinis available. We have chosen our favourites from this summer, but it wasn’t easy, there were so many fantastic styles to choose from. If you are going on a late summer break, this is the place to get you bikini ideas.


The Caya collections from Fantasie has become an instant classic, with even more fans getting on board each day. This Fantasie swimwear collection will be a much loved favourite for many years to come. The wild leopard print decorates the deep Sand base for an earthy look. The ruched detailing flatter your figure, while the Black ring embellishments add even more glamor to an already glamorous bikini.


The new Montreal collection in Indigo is a new take on an old favourite, this new designs has created a little more elegance and sophistication into this already beautiful collection. The animal inspired print is texture for another depth to this new style, while the Gold tabs that decorate each item gives an extra touch of class. The twist design on the fabric across the bust creates a great look that enhances your figure, giving you more confidence while in the sun.


The Paphos bikini from Fantasie is a contemporary piece that is bold and is sure to stand out from the crowd. The cute and colourful Pixel inspired geometric print really pops in contrast to the bold Black trim. The ruched gathered centre, highlighted by a Black tab creates even more curves for your silhouette.

Which is your favourite Fantasie Bikini? Have we mentioned your favourite? Tell us what you think of our list in a comment below.


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