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Sports Underwear - Get Support, Get Active, Do Good – The Fun Way to Fab

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on August 18, 2014

With the nation on a health kick, over the past few years new and exciting ways to exercise and stay fit have been cropping up and gaining popularity all over the country. We know what you’re thinking; ‘exciting’ and ‘exercise’ don’t usually belong in a sentence together, but trust us with this…

If you’ve been wanting to try something fun that will get you active, now is the time to do it!

The global phenomenon that is Tough Mudder might be gruelling, but it also might just be the most enthralling way to put yourself through the wringer.

While this 10-mile run through a course of obstacles designed to challenge your endurance as much as your fitness, might be, as the name suggests, a bit of a toughie, there’s a certain unadulterated pleasure in rolling through mud that is sure to put a smile on your face.

Sports Underwear

Image courtesy of mosaicmyotherapy.com.au

Even better, taking part in events like this isn’t just fun, you can do some real good by raising money for charity – one of the best forms of motivation for you to get up and out there.

However, if there’s no convincing you that rolling around in mud sounds like a fun day out, you could always brighten up the tough slog of keeping fit with a colour run™.

Referred to as the ‘happiest 5k,’ these events aren’t about getting dirty; they’re about getting colourful – literally, as you are splashed with a rainbow of paint as you make your way through the course. It’s worth it just for the pictures at the end! Another great thing about these events is it’s not a race. Sure, it’s about the personal challenge of completing a 5k run, but most importantly it’s about enjoying every step.

Strong Support

Of course, any amount of exercise requires some seriously smart sports underwear. Working out without it is not just uncomfortable, it’s potentially hazardous! No matter how big or small your breasts are, jogging without the right kind of bra is an experience we wouldn’t recommend, and we’re not alone.

There’s a science to choosing the right style, with certain factors to always consider. Styles like the award winning Ultimate Run Bra from Shock Absorber, with encapsulated cups and back clasps are perfect and tick all the right boxes that the experts recommend for sports bras that work.

So what are you waiting for?


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