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Why your sports bra is your best fitness friend when it comes to your breasts’ health

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on October 13, 2017

Sports bras are very important part of a women's sportswear when you exercise. We are recognised as Lingerie & Swimwear specialists who supply luxury lingerie, swimwear, shapewear and nightwear collections from some of the World’s most prestigious brands and designers. With a love for all things glamorous, our main focus relies on sourcing the most beautiful lingerie to fit and flatter and ensuring that shopping for bras is never a hassle!

Bras & Honey founder, Nicola Crook has almost 10 years experience in the lingerie industry with heaps of expertise that help us all in our bra buying choices. Nicola’s involvement in everything from our exclusive Bra Fitting Guide to sourcing beautiful pieces to meet our customers needs is always backed by specialist knowledge and a real dedication to women and lingerie lovers alike. In this blog post, Nicola speaks to us about why your sports bra is your best fitness friend when it comes to your breasts’ health and explores the unwanted side-effects caused by wearing the wrong kind of bra for exercise. Why should I wear a Sports Bra? If you’ve always been super active or are completely fresh to the fitness trend, you’ve probably heard that wearing a sports bra is very important. However, prestigious Sports Bra brand ‘Shock Absorber’ reported that some women still work-out without wearing the correct bra with some ladies opting for a regular style bra over a sports bra. At Bras & Honey, we understand that exercising is an integral part of keeping your body in good shape, but often this can come at the expense of your boobs. Nicola explains that the main tissue in the breast is known as the Coopers Ligament, a ligament which is commonly damaged following impact and movement if the bust is poorly supported. Bouncing and excessive movement on the breasts and more prominently, the Cooper Ligaments will lead to unwanted sagging and stretch marks - a side effect which can not be repaired naturally. Are Sports Bras Uncomfortable? If you’re used to wearing traditional bra styles like T-Shirt Bras, Moulded Bras and Balcony Bras, we understand that swapping to a Sports Bra for the gym can be a little scary - especially for ladies with a fuller bust. The comfort over support ratio can be easily favoured but with the correct level of support and the right fit, a sports bra will become your new best friend in no time. At Bras & Honey our Sports Bras are designed with clever features and subtle stylings like wider straps, contoured seaming, flexible wires and moisture wicking fabrics with comfort and performance in mind. What kind of support does a Sports Bra offer? When considering the type of Sports Bra to invest in you should always consider the type of exercise you will be doing and the size of your bust. Nicola emphasises that ‘The support needed will vary depending on the size of a woman’s boobs; women with a larger bust will require a higher level of support and lift than those with a smaller bust. When shopping for a sports bra it is important to do the needed research. High quality brands tend to offer a better design to support the body and a fabric with stronger elasticity. Lesser quality brands are more likely to offer fabrics which lose shape and elasticity far quicker – making them far less effective.’ At Bras & Honey, we stock Sports Bras designed for all types of exercise with sports bra styles from Anita, Enell, Elomi, Freya, Shock Absorber, Panache and Royce, which all offer varied level of support from light to maximum in cup sizes D - K.

Should I wear a Sports Bra if I have small breasts? No matter what size chest you have, it is imperative that you wear a Sports Bra during exercise. Despite having a smaller cup size, the same stretching and sagging can affect every size of chest following excessive bounce and movement. Bras & Honey’s Nicola suggests that women with smaller breasts will have more of a choice when it comes to choosing sports bras. Though it is still important to support the chest during exercise, with less weight, the damage will not occur as easily. Panache’s Underwired Sports Bra, available on Bras and Honey, gives the chest great shape and has puncture proof wire casing so is very durable when exercising. I have large breasts, can I still wear a Sports Bra? As mentioned, if you have a fuller chest is is very important that you wear the correct level of support to protect your boobs from the damage of exercise. At Bras & Honey, our Sports Bra collections are available in up to a K Cup with funky and flattering styles to match every gym ensemble! Nicola, who has years of experience in helping ladies with fuller busts find their perfect bras recommends the Shock Absorber Maximum Support Sports Bra for exceptional support. This sports bra offers great support and comfort and was recently voted the best sports bar for runners. The Shock Absorber benefits from adjustable straps to allow you to get the size just right, with supportive shoulder straps to give lift and prevent bounce. We hope that the Bras & Honey guide to ‘Why your sports bra is your best fitness friend when it comes to your breasts’ health’ has helped provide some insight on the remarkable benefits of investing in a great Sports Bra and the devastating affects of not wearing the correct support during exercise. Our founder and fellow lingerie specialist, Nicola Crook is able to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding finding the correct Sports Bra at Bras & Honey and insists that investing in a good quality sports bra can be an investment purchase but it is well worth it when you consider the irreversible damage that could be caused by not wearing one. After all, going to the gym will benefit health and fitness levels, but shouldn’t come at the expense of a woman’s bust.

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