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Sports Bra: Don't exercise unless you're wearing one!

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on January 05, 2016
Hello 2016, did you overindulging at Christmas? Have you put weight on or are you feeling sluggish and slow. This is the prefect time to get fitter and more active. Exercise is key to getting fitter and staying health and ultimately happier. Exercising can also help to keep your immune system in tip top condition and increase your metabolism. No matter what form of exercise you are taking part in you need to wear a sports bra. The reason you need to wear a sports bra is because womens breast are made up mainly of fatty tissues and are supported by skin and fragile ligaments called Coopers ligaments. The ligaments are not elastic and during high impact activity your breast can bounce by up to 8.5cm, without the correct support that you get from a sports bra the ligaments can stretch but once they have stretched they will permanently stay that way and you will end up with saggy breasts. Why you need to wear a Sports Bra.
  • To the reduce your breast bounce.
  • To reduce breast pain,
  • To reduce upper back pain
  • To reduce shoulder pain.

Bras and Honey stock a wide range of Sports Bras and Active Wear, here is a selection of what we have on offer.

The Freya Active U/W Sports Bra offers you maximum hold with minimum bounce. This underwired sports bra has a wider curvature underwire and double fabric for a better and comfortable fit. With this bra you will be getting optimum shape, support and comfort. The Freya Active Sports Bra is available in varies colours and in a 28-38 back and D-JJ cup.

The Freya Active U/W Performance Sports Top has built in support and is made from a Coolmax, moisture Wicking fabric which helps to keep you dry. The Active top is also made from a polygience active odour control technology which mean that this top can be worn on a few occasion before it needs to be washed. The Top is available in a 30-38 back and D-H cup.

The Freya Active Sports Pant is the perfect pants for when you are exercising, the Coolmax moisture Wicking fabric will keep you dry and ensure that you are comfortable at all times. The zip up back pocket ensures that you can keep your valuables close to hand. The pants are available in a XS-XL

This is only a small selection of the Sports Bras that we have available. Let us help you to get fitter and healthier in 2016. If you cannot find what you are looking forward contact us for assistance.

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