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Best Sports Bra For you.

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on August 12, 2014

I have had my Sports Bra for about a year now and it is no longer a brilliant white, it’s now more of a grey. Since looking into Sports Bras I have found that you should replace your Sports Bra after 6-12 months I started looking for The Best Sports Bra I could find, and I was amazed at how many Sports Bras claim to be the best sports bra. I needed a bra that I could wear when I was practising my Yoga which was low impact, or Power Walking which was medium impact or even when I was Mountain Biking which was high impact depending on the terrain.

The Brands I looked at were the Shock Absorbers the Panache Sports Bra and the Freya Active.

The Shock Absorber provides superior bounce control and they are incredibly comfortable which allows you to focus on your workout rather than on your bra. The bras are made from a quick drying fabric, which draws sweat away from your body. The fabric is hard wearing thus helping to keep your bra looking better for longer and they now come in a variety of funky colours no longer just in the monotone black or white which used to be the only colours you could get them in.

the best sports bra shock absorber sports bra1

the best sports bra freya active white

the best sports bra panache sports black

The Freya Active delivers high performance with full coverage. The fabric is made from Coolmax which helps to keep sweat away from you; the panels also help to keep you cool and comfortable. The straps are padded and adjustable.

The Panache Sports Bra also delivers high performance with full coverage and has an amazing bounce control. The seems are flat for added comfort and the wicking material that the Bras are made from make this a quick drying bra, which draws sweat away from your body. The bra encapsulate your breast and does not compress them.

I have to say that they all did a very good job of keeping the bounce to a minimum. I have found it very hard to distinguish between them all, The Best Sports Bra for me was, The Shock Absorber sports bra. Would you agree?

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