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Best Bra for the Gym

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on November 18, 2015
Exercise is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives, and the amount of people using the gym has risen dramatically, so we thought that it would be best to tell what is the best bra for the gym. Any kind of exercise can have a negative effect on your breasts, creating pain and discomfort. This is why we think it is so important to have the correct bra for the activity you are doing. Bras and Honey want you to be comfortable and supported in any situation, that is why we have highlighted the best bra for the gym in this blog.

What Wearing the Wrong Bra Means

While exercising in a repetitive motion, a woman’s breasts move in a figure-of-eight motion. Your breasts can move just as much during light exercise as to strenuous exercise. Extended periods of exercise without a Sports Bra can cause irreversible damage, like stretched ligaments which can cause sagging.

The Best Bra for the Gym

Bras and Honey has chosen the Shock Absorber Flexi Wire Sports Bra in Black, as it is designed for larger cup sizes and a lot of our customers have a larger bra size. It offers exceptional support for women with cup sizes D-H. Here are just a few of the amazing features of the Flexi Wire Sports Bra:
  • Adjustable straps that are padded and shaped
  • A soft wide underband
  • Non-rub padded hook and eye
  • Moisture wicking material that is breathable
For more information for the best bra for other activities take a look at our other blog articles like the Best Bra for Running. Have you found this blog useful? What bra do you use at the gym? Tell us your thoughts on the best bra for the gym in a comment below.

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