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Will Your Breast Shape Fit In A Strapless Bra?

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on June 22, 2021

Will Your Breast Shape Fit In A Strapless Bra? 

Strapless bras have always been a tricky subject. It’s common knowledge that they are one of the most tedious articles of clothing, having to continuously adjust it the entire time you’re wearing it. Some people struggle with the bra shifting downwards and basically falling off, while others struggle with their breasts spilling out the top or the sides and not being able to find that perfect fit.

Finding a strapless bra that will fit perfectly is not an impossible task, but you must first understand your breast shape. Breast shape is a huge factor is fitting into any bra, but especially strapless bras. There are certain styles of strapless bras that will fit different shapes in different ways, so it’s important to not only identify your breast shape but also find the matching bra.

Pendulous breasts are one of the most common breast shapes out there. To have pendulous breasts means that the main distribution of weight is at the bottom of the breasts, creating a kind of ski slope shape from the collarbone down towards the nipple. These shapes are usually very heavy and some women even have an absence of fat at the top of the breast. For this shape, you should be wearing a molded strapless bra, preferably with boning in the cups and an underwire. The underwire, although not mandatory, is vital for support and security in long term wear. You want the thick wire to help support the weight of the breasts so that the bra won’t slip down and fall off throughout the day. You will also want a bra with a wide band for the same reason, giving the bra extra opportunity to help keep your breasts high on your chest. Boning in the cups will help shape your breasts into a rounded, perky shape and will help keep them supported and prevent them from falling out of the cups. If you’ve found that your breasts are too heavy for a regular strapless bra to hold up, no matter the band and wire support, you may want to try a bustier. A bustier will have wires down the sides along your ribs, giving extreme support and guaranteeing a secure hold on your breasts.

If you have East West breasts, you will likely have a smaller chest with most of your weight distribution in the far sides of your breasts, causing them to sit far apart from each other. This shape often does not have natural cleavage or roundness and there is usually a large gap between the breasts. This shape requires a molded strapless bra as well, along with some extra padding for a push towards the center. With this breast shape, you want a bra that’s going to push both breast in so that you have cleavage and the illusion of a round breast shape. You may want a bra with a deep plunge because once your breasts are pushed to the center, you will want to show off that beautiful new shape. A plunge bra will also give you more outfit variety and widen your options on tops.

Asymmetric breasts are another very common breast shape amongst women. This means that the weight distribution between each breast is uneven on either side. One breast may be larger or small than the other and may even sit lower or look different. There is nothing wrong with this breast shape, it is quite common and very normal to be uneven. But, if you do have this shape, it’s important to dress for it. With asymmetric breasts, you will want a strapless bra with a graduated lining. This will fill any gaps you may have, and it will even out the breasts and create an even, round shape. Depending on the size of your breasts, you can even try a plunge bra for the same reason as the East West breasts, giving you that beautiful cleavage and perkiness.

Lastly, round shaped breasts are the most versatile shape you can have. This shape is naturally round and lifted, giving you a multitude of options to choose from. With this breast shape, you can wear any kind of strapless bra, including an unlined strapless bra. This will off the support you need without the extra push up, which would be unnecessary with the round shape. Most women with round shaped breasts have had some sort of augmentation done, giving them the wide variety of options and endless choices. Ideally, all strapless bras are made for this shape, meaning the choice in strapless bras is completely yours.

Hopefully, this guide will help you find your perfect fit! If you have any further questions, you can visit our YouTube channel for more information about all different kinds of bras and breast shapes. If you are ready to shop, visit us at BrasAndHoney!



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