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Which Panties Fit Your Bottom Shape?

by Bras Honey on May 27, 2021

Which Panties Fit Your Bottom Shape? 

When you shop for clothes, you always think about how they will fit your curves and what kind of styles and shapes would be best for you. Why not give your butt the same love and care! It's important to get the right underwear for your butt shape so you can show off all your curves and perfection. 

First, we have the square shape. This particular shape often means that the hips and the thighs are the same width, giving you the look of a long torso. Wearing a high waisted brief will help create the illusion of a rounded waist. You can also wear a cheeky panty to help give a rounder shape to the cheeks and give a slight lift to the hips. 

 Next, we have the round shape, otherwise known as the "bubble butt". This shape means that the bottom fat is evenly distributed through the cheeks and hips, giving a rounded, bubble-like shape. With this shape, you will want to avoid full coverage briefs or panties. This shape tends to pull fabric towards the center and a full coverage panty will give you a wedgie, which is never comfortable or sexy. Instead, try a cheeky brief or thong to emphasize those cheeks and give your butt a round, voluptuous shape. You can even try panties with a bit of ruching, or scrunching, in the back to really define that spherical shape.

Next, we have the heart shaped bottom with a small waist and thick thighs. This particular shape is also called "pear shaped". The majority of fat is usually pooled at the bottom of the hips and the person with this shape will have a thinner waist than their thighs. This creates an upside down heart shape. With this butt, you will want to draw attention to the waist by wearing a high waisted brief. Another option would be to wear a thong so that the heart shape is extra defined. You may also like to wear any kind of cheeky briefs so that the larger cheeks are showcased, giving you a nice, lifted look. 

Last, there's the triangle shape. In this bottom, the majority of fat is pooled at the top of the hips and the bottom tapers down into the legs. With this shape, you will want to create the illusion of bigger hips. Most ladies with this shape have broad shoulders, so they often long to widen the hips to even out the entire body shape. You can do this with boyshorts as they offer full coverage with a bit of cheekiness. This will widen the look of the hips and accentuate the rounder cheeks. You will want to avoid full coverage panties so that you don't have any bunching towards the bottom of the cheeks. 

In addition, there is one last shape called the low bottom, otherwise known as the "saggy bottom". Though there is nothing wrong with this shape, many women choose to hide it or change it. In this case, we would suggest form fitting underwear or shaping underwear to give you a nice lift. You can also wear full coverage panties or boyshorts to counteract the low demeanor. 


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