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Top 5 Bras For Back To Work

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on September 15, 2021

Going back to work is stressful and extremely hard for some people. This last year has been full of ups and downs for the whole world, with the global pandemic ruining everyone's dreams and unemployment rates skyrocketing every day. Most women who are unemployed or working from home have decided to sacrifice their bras to the laundry demons. Women have not been wearing bras for months at a time because the only people seeing them are their cats. The zoom camera only captures you from the shoulders up, so why even try?! 

Wearing a bra, especially one that fits you correctly, is so important for your physical and emotional health. The right bra can lift your breasts to the heavens and give you a gorgeous hour glass figure, leaving you confident and radiant for all the world to see. But, it has been months since you've worn a bra and now your boss wants you back in the office. What do you do? 

First off, the classic plain padded bra. Parfait's Jeanie UW Bra is the best bra for the job. For an all around safe bra, this bra is the perfect match. The Jeanie bra is padded to give you a perfect rounded shape. This bra is simple and to the point, giving you the freedom to wear it with any outfit in your closet. This bra works as an every day bra and will hold down your basic needs, supporting you and lifting your breasts into the right place. The Jeanie bra is great to wear underneath t-shirts and plain tops because it doesn't show underneath clothing. 

Another amazing option would be more for the stylish side. The Elomi Matilda UW Bra is a perfect bra for the modern working woman. This bra features dotted leading lines stretching from the top of the cups down to the center front. These pearled lines outline the breasts and give the illusion of extra depth and cleavage. This bra has an underwire for extra support and even has wide straps to prevent digging while still being able to hold up larger breasts. The Matilda bra is made to be lightweight and moveable so that you can be active as well while not having to worry about being tugged on or poked. 

If you are really fashionable, and maybe even a little daring, one of our favorite bras is the Elomi Charley UW Bralette. This bra is packed with style and has embroidered floral lace throughout the bra. The Charley bra stretches down the the bottom of your ribs, covering your upper belly with a gorgeous lace pattern. This bra can even be worn alone if the dress code allows it. Throw a cardigan or even a nice blazer over this bralette and you'll be ready for New York Fashion Week every day of the work week. This bralette has soft cups, giving you that no bra feel if you are still hesitant on wearing a bra after many months of going without one. 

Some work places require an extremely formal dress code. This means pencil skirts and kitten heels every day, which may require you to wear a very fancy top. A strapless bra may be the answer you are looking for. Our favorite is the Wacoal Halo Lace Strapless Bra. This bra is made to keep you secure through all your meetings and paperwork, featuring an adhesive strip along the top of the cups. This strapless bra has soft cups to softly round and shape your breasts, while the underwire lifts and perks your breasts, giving you a gorgeous silhouette. 

On the other end of the spectrum, maybe you have an extremely active job. In this case you might want to consider investing in a good sports bra. The Freya Active UW Sports Bra is one of our most popular options. Being active can be hard when you have large breasts, so wearing this sports bra may be your best bet. This sports bra is made to support you and keep you snug while you are able to be as active as you desire. This bra will keep you cool and wick away moisture as you tackle your every day life. 

Now that you have our suggestions, it is time for a shopping spree! Invest in yourself and give yourself the gift of a good bra that will keep you happy throughout the work week. And don't forget to get sized! 



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