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The Right Size Bra Still Doesn't Fit?

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on July 19, 2021

The Right Size Bra Still Doesn't Fit?

Finding the right size bra is already a struggle. Having to get sized is a hassle and finally finding a bra that fits can sometimes feel impossible. Now that you have found your true size, you try on the cutest bra in the store and what now? It doesn't fit?! How could this be true? Well, there are many reasons why this might happen.

The most obvious reason this would be happening is that you are not wearing a bra fit for your breast shape. Breast size and breast shape play two very big roles in the bras that will look the best on you. The same as you dress to accommodate your body shape, you should be dressing to fit your breast shape as well. Every different shape needs a different type of bra, but there is one "universal" bra that will not only work for every breast shape, but is an amazing starting point to get an established size on you. This bra will be the full coverage soft cup bra. The best, in our opinion, full coverage bra to start with is the Fantasie Fusion Collection. These bras are lightweight and stretch to fit to your curves, making them perfect for basic fitting and finding your perfect size. 

The unfortunate part about bras is that not all styles are going to fit the same. You can't just find your one size and buy ten different styled bras and expect them all to fit perfectly. Some styles require you to adjust a bit and move up or down in the cup. If you are coming in for a bra fitting, your fitter will always assess your breast shape and make sure you have an established band size. The band size is the most important because it determines the security and tightness of your bra. Once you have your band size certain, you can always adjust the cups.

While fitting into different styles, pay attention to spillage in the cups or gaps wherever they may be. It is very common to have gapping at the top of the cups if you have bottom heavy breasts. If you experience this, you may want to go down in the cup size. If you have spillage over the top or out the bottom, you definitely need to go up in the cup size. 

It's as simple as that. Once you have figured out how to maneuver your size around and find that perfect fit, the options are endless. You'll be owning that bra shop pretty soon with all the endless options you will be able to give yourself. 



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