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The difference between Push up Bras and Lift Bras

by Bras Honey on February 17, 2021

What is the difference between Push up Bras and Lift Bras, here at Bras&Honey we want you to find your perfect fit.

Today we will be reviewing two popular bra styles in 2021, we will explain what these bras are and why there is a difference? What are the key features of these bra styles? and what breast shapes do these bras suit?

When buying a bra you need to decide what you want the style to do for you, in this video we will highlight the differences of a padded bra and a push up bra. Most people could look at the two styles and believe that they are similar.

Choosing a new bra or buying a bra online can depend specifically on what you are using the bra for. Choosing a new everyday bra for you to wear to work, will probably have different look to a bra you will wear on a night out with the girls!

I will explain how you can reduce the chance of bra fitting mistakes or issue that will force you to have to return your next online purchase for a style fit or bra size issue. I will introduce some common issues and try and show you the bra from all aspects. Most push up bras give are plunge bra style cleavage. Breast shape can be a big consideration when deciding on what is the next purchase for you, you can get more information on how this will affect the fit and style in the video below:

Sometimes when buying bras online, the images that are shown do not give you the best information to decide if this is the best bra for you. Choosing the best bra style can be easier if you can see the bra in real life and not just on a model. Not everyone can visit a lingerie store and have a bra fitting expert provide you with lots of information with the options can help you make an informed decision. When visiting a lingerie store you will get help and advice, so you can choose the perfect size bra for you. The increase and ease of online shopping like at brasandhoney.co.uk , many more ladies are buying bras online.

Push up Bras:


Lift Bras:




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