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Spring has Sprung!

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on March 20, 2014

So according to Calendars it’s been officially classified as the British first day of Spring! In celebration of this annual milestone let us all pack up our scarfs and throw away our overcoats in a jubilant burst of excitement for the steady build up to summer...I say this sat at my desk wearing a whole lot of knit wear and tartan pashmina as the rain bounces off the window.

However, despite my current ensemble and the dreadful weather conditions, my spirit for the equinox does not wane. Spring is undoubtedly one my favourite season, filled with daffodils and (a little) sunshine yet even more importantly emerging trends, exciting transitional styles and a compelling mix-up in colour palettes to define the season.

I’ve previously discussed the rise of Pastel pigments and have forthwith hopped directly onto that bandwagon with pretty hues of Lilac and Mint filtering into my Wardrobe, that’s almost entirely dominated by classic shades of Grey, Navy and Black as we leave the colder months. Yet the introduction of Candy Colours commencing spring has infiltrated more vibrant Colour trends with striking emphasis on Bold, Bright and Neon that the Lingerie world, specifically, just can’t get enough off.

When it comes to pretty hues and quirky prints, Freya notably reign supreme for designing Lingerie and Swimwear that appeals to a younger demographic with a fun and flirty ambience. Yet there’s continuously a reputation surrounding the Fuller figure that leads designers to style for an older generation with muted tones and simple designs. So its super exciting to see that, as we get into full swing of 2014 brands like Curvy Kate, Elomi, Panache, Freya and Fantasie are delivering interesting designs in dramatic colours for the larger cup sizes.

Below I have featured three prominent styles direct from Panache that I see as high-fliers for the Spring/Summer transition. The Loretta, Elsa and Superbra are already notable favourites from the Panache brand and their luminous new colour ways are every bit inspiring, exciting and beautifully bright.


Panache Loretta in Cobalt, Panache Elsa in Coral, Panache Superbra Tango in Pink

The Loretta caresses curves like no other in an electric shade of Cobalt. Blues featured heavily on the runway this season and provided the perfect backdrop for Kenzo’s Parisian collection. Dynamic shades that vary from subtle Powder and Duck Egg tones to bright Sapphires can update your look in an instant. This deep Cobalt bold is a flattering and complimentary shade on any skin-tone and provides side-support for additional shaping, forward-projection and exceptional support.

Meeting us half way between fondant inspired Pink and the forever sensual Cherry Red, the Elsa in Coral delineates, to me summer vibes in a single piece. Easier to wear than notorious Yellow and softer than Orange we urge you to give Coral a go. The Elsa seizes the covetable harmony between fun and flirty as the hue is intricately gilded with vintage inspired embroidery for a feminine feel with a citrus edge.

Acid Pink, Magenta and Hot Pinks have become an exciting extension on the paler, flossy shades presently on the high-street. The Superbra Tango from Panache in Deep Pink infuses an audacious new colour way with a best-seller for a daring colour option in a much favoured shape and style. If you aren’t a fan opt for a softer blush tone, but I assure you that this colour way will last for many a season with an unstoppable force channelling Pink behind Dior, Burberry, Celine and Temperley that disconnects the colour from Barbie connotations and reclaims a refined and mature new complexion. The Three-section cups on this design provide great support whilst the Austyrain leaf design retains the Superbra’s signature motif.

In addition to this, always be aware that these trends and fashions can transpire into our Beauty and Cosmetic regime. A Blue eye can be incorporated with either a subtle dusty cat-eye in Beau Blue executed at Badgely Mischcka or a Bold Dewy metallic Blue across the top lids like at Marc Jacobs.

blue eye

Orange and Coral lips are currently huge with John Galliano styling all his models with a waxy Orange lip and DKNY opting for a glossy alternative. I’ll definitely be wearing this trend this weekend with an all-black ensemble.

orange lips

Pink beauty trends are forever popular going into spring. Dark cheek contouring has become replaced by more subtle pop of pink on cheeks and brows deputed at Jason Wu, alongside the contrasting radical new trend of Hair chalk, most suitable for our fairer haired honey’s this is an exciting new trend for the more daring and audacious, previewed at Ohne Titel.


Be sure to let me know if you've tried any of these beauty trends or if you feel they're just faux pax's and be sure to have a browse of the exciting new Panache colour-ways.

Happy Spring!



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