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Signs your bra is the wrong size

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on October 05, 2015

Do you know the signs your bra is the wrong size? An ill fitted bra can cause a whole boat load of issues, which is why it is best to know the signs your bra is the wrong size. Your body changes and fluctuates constantly, which means a bra that fit well a month or two ago may not fit correctly today. In the same way our bodies change regularly, over time you bra can change and become ill fitting. It can be hard to spot the signs that your bra’s the wrong size when changes in both your shape and your bras shape changes so gradually, that is why we have a few tips to help you spot when your bra doesn’t fit any more.

Too Loose

If your bra is too loose, there could be a number of signs that tell you that you need a smaller size. If the band is too brighten you may find the weight of your breast pull your bra down, making the back ride up. A loose bra can cause the bra straps to dig in as you breasts are not supported properly. To check your band id the correct size, try to the tips of your fingers under the band. You should only be able to fit one finger comfortably under your band. If your cups become puckered or bunched your cup size is too big and you need to try a smaller cup.

Too Tight

There are so many signs that your bra is too tight, and you could have one or more of these to indicate you bra size is too small. One of the easiest to see is marks on the skin. Marks left by your bra can indicate that you bra is much too tight. If you are wearing your bra on the last hook this means that it could be time for a bigger band size, as you are meant to feel most comfortable on the middle hook. Any kind of spill over or bulging is a definite indication that your bra is too small. If you boobs over spilling from the cups or you have bulges around the back you should invest in a bigger sized bra.

Having an ill fitted bra can cause you to have many problem, some you would never believe. Bras that are too tight can cause congestion in the lymph nodes, which can weaken you immune system. They can also cause breast pain, especially pre-menopausal women. An ill fitted bra can make you feel nauseous or dizzy. You wrongly sized bra can be the cause of headaches, hernias, digestive issues, heartburn and a of course back and neck pain. So don’t hesitate and get fitted for bras regularly, to ensure you are always comfortable. And for more information take a look at the Bras and Honey Bra Fitting Guide.

Did you know the signs your bra is the size? Tell us any trick or tips you have in a comment below.



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