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Are You Against Strapless Bras?

by Bras Honey on June 07, 2021

Are You Against Strapless Bras? 

If you've ever known someone with a large chest, you have probably heard that strapless bras are not even an option. Whether you can't stop readjusting, you breasts are falling out, or you are stuck looking like you have one giant boob, strapless bras may as well be the bane of our existence. 

We are here to relieve that struggle and open your eyes to aa whole new world of options! Strapless bras are an art we want to help you master. You have a couple options we can discuss to get you on the path to strapless freedom. 

Your first option is a classic. Boob tape. Boob tape is very versatile and can be used with any breast size. You can apply it to the bottom of your breasts and stretch it upwards towards your shoulders. You can apply it along the bottom of the breasts and towards the center to give more cleavage. You can apply it along the sides of your breasts towards your sternum to give a lifted look. There are many, many ways you can use it, giving you the freedom to shape your boobs however you please. 

Another option is an adhesive bra. On our website we have an option called a Stick On Backless and Strapless Push Up Wing Style Bra.  This bra will adhere to the front of your breasts and pull them to the center with a shoestring closure, giving you maximum cleavage and  slight lift. There are different versions of this adhesive bra, but they all function similarly. They also come in silicone if you like a lighter, more natural feel. For our large breasted ladies, you will need something similar, but widely different. 

If you have a large cup size, your breasts need extra support. We suggest you try a fully silicone, underwire adhesive bra. This bra has wide straps that reach up and over your shoulders to give you maximum support and lift. The silicone is sweatproof, allowing you to move and twist as you please without having to worry about readjusting or falling out. 

Now that you have these tips, you'll be strutting the streets with the best cleavage anyone's seen in a strapless dress!




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