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Measuring Bra Size

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on March 30, 2015

It’s an experience we all dread, measuring our bra size. Especially if you are measuring yourself it is a daunting idea to measure your own bust and get it right. Here at Bras and Honey we are here to help calm the nerves and offer helpful hints and tips, to create an experience with confidence and ease. So here we have our top Measuring Bra Size Tips.

Current Bra Fit

There are three ways to check if your current bra is a good fit with yourself. The centre gore, which is the fabric between the cups, this should lie flat firmly against the breastbone without a gap between you and the fabric. The underwiring should hold all the breast tissue fully, none outside or over the cup. Test this by firmly pressing on the outer rim of the underwiring, if your bra is well fitted you should feel ribcage under the wiring. And finally the band should be straight and completely horizontal, no rising back or hanging in the front.

The Fitting

Now we will go through the fitting process as detail as we can, so nothing is left out and you are as confident as you can be.

Firstly, you need a fabric tape measure. Now measure the entire width around your bare ribcage, just under where your breasts naturally rests. Keep the tape measure as straight as possible for the most accurate measurement you can get. Where the tape meets note down measurement in inches and round it to the nearest even number, this will tell you your band size.

Now to measure your cup size, place the tape measure on the part of the breast that is furthest protruding from your chest. Then slide the tape around and across your back, holding the tape as level as possible for accuracy. Join the tape at the peak of the breast and note down the measurement, and again round it to the nearest even number for your cup size.

This is where the bra measurement formula comes in. To work out your bra size, take the cup size measurement and if your cup size measurement is ½ an inch more than the band size then you are an AA cup. If your cup size measurement is ½ - 1 inch more than the band measurement this means you will most likely be an A cup. Between 1-2 inches would indicate a B cup, 2-3 inches would mean you are C cup and so on. Basically for every inch your cup measurement is larger than your band size add a cup size.

For trying on your new sized bra there are a few tricks to help you decide if it is the right fit. A trick for when you are putting the bra on is place your hands through the straps and bend over, as to allow your breasts to fall into the cups. The cups should hold your breasts while your nipple should centre in the fullest part, unless you are trying a push up bra then your nipple will sit a little higher. When closing the bra, use the middle hooks. Now the bra should have snug fit, without cutting into the rib cage. If it is too tight try using the next hook along, if still tight move on to a larger size.

If you find you are pulling at the straps, or it feel as though your breasts are falling out of the bottom of the cups, the band size is too big and you may want to try a smaller band size. Check the bridge of fabric between your breasts, this should lie flat against the breastbone. If it sticks up or out, or stabs your breastbone it is best to try a larger cup size. If the fabric or bridge puckers try a smaller cup size.

If your breasts are bulging from the bra move up a cup size, and if you notice any wrinkles on the cups it is best to move down a cup size.


The most important aspect of measuring bras size is you feel comfortable in the bra. You are the one having to wear it all day so if you are not comfortable try a different size close to what has been suggested. Don’t suffer in silence in an uncomfortable bra just because someone told you to buy a certain size, speak out and try new sizes.

Please see our full step by step guide for measuring your own bra size with the Bra Size Calculator for even more advice. We do suggest to visit a professional bra fitter at least once and measure your bust every few years, as your size may change over time. Please tell us of your bra fitting experiences, tip and hints, we love to hear from you.

I hope you have found our guide helpful, and now you can measure yourself take a look at all the options available to you in the Bras and Honey Lingerie collection. So let us know if we have help you get the right fit, or if you have any other methods.



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