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The Wonders of Leak Proof Panties

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on December 02, 2021

 As women, most of us suffer from a monthly monster called a Period. This monster makes us bleed for a week straight, gives us raging headaches, makes us moody and irritable, and even more. If periods didn’t exist, the world would be a better place. But unfortunately, periods are vital to our reproductive and chemical health, regulating our hormones and allowing us to pass eggs and create children. Even with these necessary benefits, we still have to deal with all the cons. Bleeding for a week straight is probably the most annoying part of it and so far, we have been given pads that feel like you’re sitting on someone’s arm and tampons that barely hold your flow. What else can we do to avoid the embarrassment of bleeding through your clothes and walking around with a bloodstain on your butt?

Well, here at Bras & Honey, we think we have found the answer. Leakproof panties are a thing of the future. These underwear are built with a super absorbent crotch region to help soak up any leakage or liquid that lands on it. The panties are full coverage from front to back, almost like wearing a diaper without the bulkiness. Any liquid that exits your body will land on the built-in pad and be absorbed, keeping you feeling dry throughout the day. It is super important for your health that any moisture in the vaginal region is wicked away as soon as possible to prevent any bacteria build up that could cause an infection.

We suggest that you wear these panties on your medium to light days if not accompanied by a tampon. While these panties are made to to soak up your period, they cannot hold a super heavy flow.

To take care of these underwear, it is suggested that every night after wear you wash and dry them. This can mean you throw them in with a load of laundry at the end of the night and put them back on in the morning, or you may hand wash them with warm water and laundry soap and hang them to dry.

You can also use these panties during your nights rest. Wearing them to bed ill help relive the daily irritation of wearing a pad or tampon, giving your delicate areas a break from the rubbing and itching. You may want to wear these underwear to bed to help get a full nights rest, stopping you from waking up throughout the night and having to replace a pad or tampon.

Periods are so hard to deal with and it is so unfair that only half the population has to deal with them. If men had periods, we would have endless wars and treason in the oval office. Women just must be stronger, we suppose. Either way, we want to make this hellish cycle more comfortable for you for every day you have to deal with it. We guarantee that our Leak Proof Panties will save the day every time, allowing you to have the freedom to wear whatever you want without worrying about bloodstains and leakage.



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