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Large Size Bras Doesn’t Mean A Larger Price

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on August 19, 2015

Victoria’s Secret has recently come under fire from bustier ladies again. This time for charging large size bras. Charging an extra $2-$3 more for the US DD and DDD cup sized bras than the smaller cup sizes. Stylite editor Ashley Hoffman has hit out at the lingerie retailer for penalizing women who have bigger breasts and need large size bras. Whereas here at Bras and Honey, we know that bigger doesn’t mean more costly. Everything about Victoria’s Secret says it is meant for a small bust. From the ad campaigns of super models flaunting their tiny bodies in itsy bitsy lingerie, to the actual design and features of the lingerie available, they do not focus on busty women. And because of this, we feel larger busted women should look to other brands, not just for a better price, but for a better fit, comfort and support. So we have highlighted the features of some of our favourite brands and why they are much better not only in price, but in design for the larger cup ladies.


Freya Bras are a fun, youthful and feminine choice that keeps to fashionable trends and styles. All the bras they have to offer a functional and supportive design that will leave you feeling comfortable all day long while holding you in place. And with the sizes ranging from an A to K cup without a change in price, no matter what size bust you are, you are bound to get a great price.


Fantasie Bras have been specifically designed to flatter, enhance and support the larger bust. Offering side support in many of their designs, Fantasie provides something a lot of brands like Victoria’s Secret don’t. The side support offers additional support that a lot of women with larger cup sizes need, creating support under the arms. In a choice of gorgeously elegant style and designs Fantasie is a great choice for cup sizes A-K at fantastic prices.

Freya and Fantasie are only two of the brands that we have available. Elomi and Curvy Kate both design their lingerie around the women who need a large size bras, creating styles that are available all the way to a K cup and no extra pennies added on top for the larger sizes.

What do you think of the cup size price difference? Do you agree or disagree? Tell us your thoughts in a comment below.



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