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Knickers: Which are best? Brief, Short and Thong...

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on August 11, 2014

The age-old question of which knickers do you prefer and why has caused many a debate. The three mains styles available in Knickers are the Brief, the Short and the Thong. The style that you choose can be dictated by the outfit you are wearing, what you are doing or even how you are feeling.


Knickers sussanna short

knickers ignite thong The Brief knickers offer full coverage at the front and the back, the leg is cut a little higher at the front, than the back. The Abigail Brief from Fantasie has a black base and the pretty floral design with Italian Embroidery gives this brief a pretty and feminine design. This is a lovely addition to any underwear draw and a nice way to add a little colour into it as well. These Knickers would be perfect worn under a pair of shorts or a skirt.

The Short Knickers offers full coverage at the front and the back. The Fantasie Susanna moonlight has a sheer lace panel at the leg area and sits on the middle of the hips, these shorts would be ideal worn under a loose fitting dress or a pair of trousers.

The Thong Knickers has a full front and a T shape at the back, giving this minimal coverage at the back. When speaking to people about the type of knickers that they wear this is the one that receives the most comments. The thong is perceived as being the most uncomfortable knickers due to the minimal coverage at the back, however this is not usually the case.The Ignite thong from Freya offers minimal rear coverage and comes in a lovely summer yellow and has a delicate multi colour pattern all over it. This Knicker would be perfect worn under a tight fitting dress, or tight pants.

I now have a mixture of the Brief, the Short and the Thong, in my underwear draw. That way no matter what I'm wearing, how I may be feeling or what I am doing, I always have the correct Knickers for any eventuality. I must admit I do have more thongs as I find these very comfortable, which are your favourites?



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