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Is There Really One Bra For Everyone?

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on June 15, 2021

Is There Really One Bra For Everyone? 


Do you have pendulous boobs? How about round and perky? Sagging or flat? Well, no matter your breast shape, believe it or not, there is a save-all type of bra that will fit every type of breast shape. This bra will not only keep you supported, but keep your breasts from slipping, moving, falling out, etc. This bra will do all of this while also giving you a slight lift and rounding out your shape to create your own perfect illusion. 

The one bra every woman should have in their drawer is the Full Coverage Unlined Bra. This bra is a life saver in the long game. The full coverage bra is almost self-explanatory. It covers everything. With support on all sides, this bra will do everything all at once. Full coverage bras feature side support for underarm protection. This will keep your “love handles” smoothed to perfection and prevent any bulging. The front of the cups will cover your breasts and prevent any unnecessary squeezing. There is a stretchy lace at the top of the cups that will fill any gaps if you have pendulous breasts.

Let’s say you have naturally sagging breasts. The full coverage bra will fit everything in and give you a nice lift so that your boobs sit comfortably at the top of your chest. You don’t have to worry about your skin bunching at the top because the bra extends to cover the chest/shoulder area and has a wide strap to cover anything undesirable.

Now, let’s say you have wide set boobs. The full coverage bra will push them together and hold you in securely to give you your dream cleavage.

You have round, perky boobs? The full coverage bra will help support you and keep you elevated throughout any busy day or night.

The full coverage unlined bra has many, many benefits and you will not regret investing in one. One concern you may have is that the bra is unlined. This means that there’s no padding in the cups, chancing the fact that your nipples will eventually show through the bra. If this is a concern of yours, there is no need to worry. Here at Bras and Honey we have a wonderful solution.

Nipple covers are a thing of the future. We have our own product that we would love to give to every woman who is concerned with their nipples showing. Our nipple covers are self-adhesive and reusable. You can apply them directly to the inside of the cups or onto your skin. The adhesive will not hurt your skin or the fabric. There’s no sticky residue after taking them off and they are sweatproof, ensuring that they will stay on all day long.

Needless to say, you should be investing in a full coverage bra for your own good. This bra will change your life and your breast shape. With full security and comfort, there’s no reason any woman should not have a full coverage unlined bra in their life.



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