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How To Style a Bralette

by Bras Honey on April 23, 2021

 How To Style a Bralette

What is a bralette and how can we style a Bralette?

A Lace bralette is the new social media trend that has quickly become the fashion trends of 2021.

With the new fashion styles and fashion trends. The bralette is too pretty to wear and covered it up and knowing what to wear a bralette with, can be a leap of faith. Bringing together the new Instagram bralette trend and so clever fashion tips you can bring bralettes into your everyday lifestyle.

You can wear a bralette as a top or do you have to wear a bra with a bralette, I answer the questions and show you some outfit ideas to help you figure it out! We my years of bra fitting experience while owning a lingerie boutique I have come across some cute outfits that suit many body shapes and breast shapes. 


  1. Layer Your Bralette Under A Rocker or Loose Tank/Tee
  2. Peeking Out Of Tee Or Low Back Sweater
  3. Dress up a bralette, pair it with jeans and a jacket, a mesh top and pantsuit, or under a gorgeous dress.


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