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How Much Should Swimwear Cost?

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on November 13, 2015

It is a very hard question to answer, “How much should swimwear cost?”. You can find Swimwear for as little as £10, but the quality and support is not there. There are also different types of swimwear, like Bikinis, Swimsuits and Kaftans, so the prices will vary a lot between those items. Bras and Honey is here to try and help you determine what is the best price for the swimwear you want.

For a high quality bikini top that offers support in a flattering style, you can look at a price between £20 and £40. For a matching pair of bikini brief that is stylish and will keep you covered you are looking at a price between £13 to £25. Here are a few high quality bikinis at a great price:
Swimsuit are an essential for any holiday, offering a sophisticated yet sexy look that has a little extra support. A supportive and stylish swimsuit will end up costing between £20 to £60, which is a huge gap, but it all depends on what you want from you swimsuit. Here are a few of our top swimsuit choices:
A kaftan is the perfect thing to complete your swimwear look and cover up when needed. A kaftan or cover up for the beach can be priced between £20 to £55. The price difference is so big because there is such a huge selection of kaftan and cover up styles. Here are our favourite kaftans and cover ups: For more useful information like How Much Should Swimwear Cost, take a look at our other blog articles like How Much Does Shapewear Cost? Have you found this useful? How much would you pay for swimwear? Tell us your thoughts in a comment below.



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