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Help! My Bra Doesn't Fit Because I Gained Weight!!

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on August 06, 2021

  Help! My Bra Doesn't Fit Because I Gained Weight!!

Covid-19 has had many different effects on all of us. Some of us have developed into introverts, some have made self discoveries, some have moved across the country. But, one thing we all have in common is that most of us have gained weight. Whether its from the global shut down closing gyms world wide or from a little extra time on the couch, most of us have put on a few pounds. While there is nothing wrong with being a little extra fluffy, many people, especially women, are having problems with that. 

You may notice, as you have gained "Covid weight", that your bra doesn't fit like it used to. The band is too snug and the wires are digging into your ribs now. You may think that this is fine and you can go another day wearing the same bra that is now too small for you, but we are here to tell you that it is not fine. Wearing the wrong size bra can cause many negative effects including rib, shoulder, and back pain. While you ignore your bra's band stretching past its limit, your breasts are suffocating and falling out of the cups. It is time for a new bra.

First, you need to get measured. With Covid-19 in mind, you may want to measure yourself at home! You can do this by first measuring around your ribs underneath your breasts. This will give you your band size so make sure to remember that number. Then you will want to measure around the fullest part of your breasts, usually lining up with your nipples. Usually, we suggest measuring yourself while wearing your best fitting bra, but, since your bras are ill fitting now, you may want to measure without wearing a bra at all. You can learn how to measure without a bra here! After you have these two numbers, follow this tutorial or use this chart to calculate your final true size. 

Now that you have your final size, you can buy some new bras that will fit like a dream! Wearing these new bras will give you the confidence boost of a lifetime and make you feel ready for anything. 

The great thing about breasts shape is that it will never change whether you lose or gain weight. Your breast shape will always stay consistent throughout all of your bodily fluctuations. If you have round perky breasts, you will always have round perky breasts. If you have pendulous breasts, you will always have pendulous breasts. And so on. What may happen is that they may become fuller in certain areas so you may have to play around with different bra types to find your perfect fit. A bra we suggest here at Bras & Honey is what we call the "universal bra". This would be the full coverage soft cup bra. Our favorites and our fans favorites are the Fantasie Fusion and the Fit Fully Yours Serena. These bras will fit any breast shape out there and will look great doing it. That is why we call it the universal bra. 

It is important to remember that your body is a beautiful wonderland and you should never be ashamed of how you look. Whether you gain or lose weight, your body deserves all the love in the world and you should never look down on yourself. Covid-19 has brought on many challenges inside and out, so don't let a little weight gain hold you back from being your beautiful, most confident self. 



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