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Hello Boys! Ultimate Strapless Review.

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on March 26, 2014


Hello Boys!

So, this weekend Bras&Honey sent me on my first legitimate lingerie mission! Exciting.

After a frenzied few months I decided it was time to let loose and go for a few cocktails with my favourite ladies. As we all know, the dreaded weekend outfit planning starts at least a week in advance in order to co-ordinate our hair and lipstick with our ensemble and the ambience of the Bar and our Friends outfits and…well, the list goes on but I feel it essential to formulate a fashion plan.

However, as I am swiftly discovering, it remains just as imperative and important to match our underwear to the ensemble as it is our beauty regime, in order to enhance both your clothing, silhouette and effectively complete your entire look. So when I mentioned that I was going to be wearing a skinny Cami with a slim racer back and Trouser separates, it was time to decide on an appropriate Bra and nothing seemed more suitable than cult favourite, the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless. I chose it in Black to match the Camisole and set out upon my mission with an open mind and susceptible assets!

Now just a little about Wonderbra. The brand is remarkably renowned for their Shaping and Contouring Bras that have been gaining notable popularity and attaining incredible results since a succession of controversial and emblematic advertising campaigns starting in the late 60’s. By 1991 the brand had gained mammoth recognition and triumphed with their plunging styles and classic ‘Hello Boys!’ ad in ’94 which caused road accidents globally and helped all modest chested women to achieve a covetable cleavage. This Wonderbra infatuation even spread to a very young Kate Moss, who had previously become the indisputable poster girl for the offbeat ‘Heroin Chic’ movement pertinent to the Nineties fashion migration and with help from the Gossard Bra began to opt for a terrific Wonderbra cleavage over the androgyny of Calvin Klein.

"I've got a couple of those Gossard Wonderbras. They are so brilliant, I swear, even I get cleavage with them."

– Kate Moss 1994, New York Times Magazine

wonderbraredWONDERBRA3 WONDERBRA1wonderbra

Recent developments in the Wonderbra product lines have expanded beyond the simple plunge design and now offer a variety in shapes and styles to have all our Bra needs covered. Most surprisingly during a public poll performed on Canadian citizens, the Wonderbra was regarded as the fifth best Canadian invention of all time behind Insulin, the light bulb and the telephone, ranking as more revolutionary than the Pacemaker! Speaks volumes.

Now back to the matter in hand. I’d previously heard fantastic things about the Ultimate Strapless from my larger cup sized friends with cup sizes ranging from a B-G to cater for all shapes, but had never tried it due to my temptation to purchase Handbags and Shoes over a Fantastic Bra, I know, I was blind and this thought pattern has certainly been changed forever.

At first glance the cup sizes looked too large and rounded for my chest but don’t feel alarmed and always purchase in your exact Bra size. The moulded exterior that provides a natural, dimensional shape proposes this appearance. The Bra fastens with a three-row hook and eye attachment on the rear which is both easy and functional.

So I tried the Wonderbra on in a 34D the day before I was due to go out, in order to gather an idea on fit and function, scared slightly by the shape of the style and worried I may have to swap for a smaller size beforehand.

The first impressions on fit, was initially quite surreal but not uncomfortable. I’m no stranger to a strapless bra and usually opt for a bandeau or multi-way style for evening in fear of unsightly straps showing and, fundamentally the Wonderbra style fit like no strapless before. The band sits quite low on the rib-cage and the lack of underwires left me completely surprised by the support it provided. I jumped up and down in my bedroom like a lunatic to establish if the myths were true and to my surprise, not even an inch of movement north or south. My boobs stayed in place and the bra did not budge, held in place by the patented-pending hand shaped technology that lined the inner cups and sustained lift and support. So I was happy with fit and function and became excited to wear it with my outfit the following evening.

I arrived at my BFF’s house the following evening for the religious practice of mutually getting dressed. I showed her the Bra and she shared the same enthusiasm for the Wonderbra as I did, a universal custom that makes all Women flushed with femininity and excitement. When dressed I observed the fit and it was apparent the moulded design and sleek micro-fibre fabric diminished any lines and created a smooth contour across the chest. A mandatory selfie before we left for the night conclusively confirmed that the Wonderbra had certainly boosted my equities, so to speak, with an immediate Facebook comment from my close friend, simply stating ‘BOOBS!’.

cleavage shot

Awkward cleavage selfie.

As soon as I met with my other friend she promptly questioned the remarkable appearance of my new-found natural boobies and yet another Wonderbra conversation ensued. I never associated lift and cleavage enhancement with a strapless design before, predominately because all the other designs I’ve tried, even styles towards the more luxury end of the lingerie scale, have proven to be restrictive and confining, creating a suppressed impact that I like to fondly refer to as the ‘mono-boob.’ So the enhancing, push-up effect, provided without use of padding or gel came as a pleasant surprise which ticks yet another box in terms of what we’s expect from our lingerie.

Throughout the night I danced and bounced around without a care about slipping and a comfortable fit across the front and back enabled me to stay in place and didn't dig in at all. The Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless really is an ingenious piece of apparel engineering that transforms the way we go strapless and accents even the most modest of chests.

Also available in Nude, Ivory Lace, Red lace and Black Lace with matching Thong co-ordinates I have been undeniably converted to the Church of Wonderbra, an obligatory investment for nights-out and evening wear from this day forth with tremendous functionality, fit and a luxury feel that exceeded my wildest expectations.

Be sure to browse the Wonderbra collection at Bras&Honey!

Casey x



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