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Have a Bra that Fits using a Bra Size Calculator

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on July 14, 2014

While we certainly should never feel embarrassed about our bodies, being measured for a bra can seem like an unpleasant experience that many women feel too nervous to undergo. It’s quite understandable – stripping off for a stranger to prod and poke at you in a store isn't what most people would consider as a fun day out shopping.

But that doesn't mean we should just guess our size and continue to wear what we've always worn despite any lumps, bumps and even pain it may cause. For a start, just like the rest of our bodies, our bra size can fluctuate, so even if you are wearing the right size now, it’s worth keeping a regular check to make sure you’re always buying the size you need.


It’s not just our silhouette that suffers with ill fitting bras; not only is wearing the wrong size irritating when it causes us to wriggle and fiddle all day as the band digs in and the straps fall down, but it can also cause us more serious and long term damage, such as scarring and problems with our posture.

Don’t panic, it’s simple!

Yes, there is a science to bra sizing, but it really isn't rocket science and with a humble tape measure and a little bit of basic maths we can figure out our size for ourselves in the privacy of our own homes, whenever we want.

Our helpful Bra size calculator at Bras and Honey will walk you through the simple steps of measuring yourself and understanding how those figures translate to find the perfect fitting bra. This page is packed full of really useful advice for all kinds of needs, from finding your size to underwear shopping online with confidence.

If you’re not sure if you are wearing the correct bra size, The Bra Band Project is a unique online resource of images that show what a correctly fitting bra size looks like on all different shapes and sizes. There’s no models, no air brushing – it’s just real women embracing their bodies and sharing their knowledge.

If you think you know your perfect size but are still having trouble finding the right bra, take a look at our helpful bra buying guide. With this detailed breakdown of all different design styles, you can get not just the ideal fit, but also the cut and shape that’s perfect for you.



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