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Correct Bra Size – Why is it so important?

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on August 27, 2014

According to recent research it is known that around 70-80% of women who wear the incorrect bra size and don’t realise it. By wearing the incorrect bra size can cause a numerous amount of problems not just physical wise but mental.

Physically wearing an ill fitted bra can cause problems such as neck and back pain, cause a lot of unnecessary pressure on your shoulders and not give the support you want or need. If your bra is too tight around the back and shoulder straps it can cause pain to the ribs, back and sternum causing unwanted stress from putting pressure on your shoulders, pulling your trapezius muscle to trigger headaches. . However if your bra is too big around the back it can lead to stretching of the breast tissues which leads to sagging of the breast.

Correct Bra Size

So how can you find your Correct Bra Size?

Using correct online bra size calculator

There are many of bra size calculator put they can vary due to the brand that they are, what country they are from and what bra type they’re basing their measurements off; however online calculations are not 100% accurate.

Going into a store

All over the UK and worldwide they’re plenty of bra fitting shops such as Marks and Spencer and Debenhams that have professional bra fitters but you shouldn’t just go to one store, try two or three to get an all-round measurement.

Although these are the best way to get great fitted bras you need to keep in mind that bra sizing changes with different bra types and brands, such as you can be a 34D in Freya Lingerie but a 32C in Fantasie Lingerie.

Correct Bra Size

Correct Bra Size
Never be too worried to try different sizes to find your perfect correct bra size.



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