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Calculate Bra Size: The how to guide

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on September 08, 2014

Calculating Bra size can be a daunting task so we at Bras and Honey have devised the how to calculate bra size guide.

Step 1: Take a tape measure and measure the complete width around your bare rib cage, just beneath your naked breasts, where the tape meets note down the measurement in inches to the nearest even number i.e. 34, 36 38 etc

Step 2: To work out your cup size measure around the widest and furthest point of your bust, sliding the tape around the middle of your back. Hold the tape as level as possible to ensure accuracy. Join the tape together and note the measurement again in inches to the nearest even number.

Step 3: Note the difference between the two measurements. Use the following as a guide, and try on a range of sizes above and below your measurement: If your bust measurement is up to 1 /2 inch larger than your band size, then your cup size is an AA. A measurement of 1 /2 inch to 1 inch more than the band size indicates an A cup, 1 to 2 inches indicates a B cup, 2 to 3 inches indicates a C cup, 3 to 4 inches indicates a D cup, and 4 to 5 inches indicates a DD or E cup.

Step 4: Try on a bra. Place your hands through the straps and bend over to allow your breasts to fall into the cups. The cups should contain your breasts and should centre your nipple in the fullest part unless you're trying a push up or an enhancing bra where your nipple will sit higher. Close the bra using the middle hook. The bra should fit snugly but doesn't cut into your rib cage. If it's too tight, try adjusting the hook closure to the next hook before proceeding to a larger size.

Step 5: Adjust the straps so the band fits comfortably under the breasts and around the rib cage. If the bra seems to slip forward, if you find yourself pulling up on the straps, or if it feels as if your breasts are falling out of the bottom of the cups, the band size is too big. Check the fabric or bridge between your breasts. This should lie flat on the breastbone. If it sticks up or stabs your breastbone uncomfortably, try a larger cup size. If it puckers, try a smaller size.

Step 6: Move up a cup size if your breasts bulge from the bra. Move down a size if you notice wrinkles in the cup material. Remember that all bras are not made equal. Experiment to find the bra or style that best suits your figure.

Use the above guide and you will be able to calculate your bra size successfully.

We advise you to always wash your bras by hand, or in the delicate cycle of a washing machine in a mesh bag. Avoid shrinkage and prolong life by hanging bras to air-dry instead drying them in the tumble dryer.



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