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Breastfeeding Bras – Which is the best?

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on June 02, 2015

Calling all mothers and mother to be! Are you wearing your maternity or breastfeeding bras? Well why not enjoy 15% off the Nursing and Breastfeeding Bras available at Bras&Honey to keep you fully supported and comfortable. We have a great range of different types of Breastfeeding bras from Underwired Bras to Soft Cup Bras to Moulded Cup Bra, whichever you prefer we are sure to have it! So to help guide you here are a few of our Nursing and Breastfeeding Bras with their key features and benefits for you.

  1. Elomi Smoothing

The Elomi Smoothing range offers underwired, moulded seam-free cups to give a smoother appearance to the bust and prevents any chafing to the nipple. The cups have a drop cup clip with a featured full circle sling to make easier access to the breast with an added support and a non-slip comfort support to the shoulders. With fully adjustable straps, a leotard back and a 2-3 hook and eye back banded fastener to ensure high quality anchorage.

  1. Freya Dotty

A favourite from the Freya Lingerie range is the Freya Dotty decorated with a cute Dot print across a Black base and adorned with contrasting lace along the neck edge. The Freya Dotty offers a soft handle simplex fabric for a firmer hold to the bust and an internal A-frame shape to support the bust while breastfeeding with a specially developed drop clip for an easier access; offering fully adjustable straps and a 2 hook and eye back fastener up to a DD cup and a 3 hook and eye back fastener up to a HH cup.

  1. Anita Firm Support

The Anita Firm Support Bra is a perfect match for wearing underneath t-shirts with seam-free moulded cups with a feature of microfibre fabrics to create a great coverage and firm support. The Anita Firm Support has a gorgeous overlay of contrasting lace to give a glamourous look to the Breastfeeding bra and offer a KwikKlip system at the base of the wide, adjustable straps for an easier access when breastfeeding.

So there is a few of our Breastfeeding Bras we offer at Bras&Honey but please come over and have a look at (insert link) and see which Nursing/Breastfeeding Bra is best for you.

Facts about Breastfeeding Bras
The overall lifespan of the Nursing or Breastfeeding bra is lesser than an everyday bra, around 2-4 months, due to the fact you will be using and wearing this type of bra for as long as you will be producing milk. Breastfeeding Bras are made up of more stretchy fabrics to ensure an easier access for breastfeeding, constant pulling on the drop down KwikKlip and as you will know for more hygienic purpose, they will be washed a lot more often.



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