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Bras shops and Bra shops online: What's the difference?

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on August 28, 2014

Shopping is what almost every girl loves to do; however strolling around a battlefield in a shopping centre can be exhausting! Luckily for us we now live in a more advance generation where we rely most of our lives on technology. And now we can even shop without going out the comfort of our own homes. Although this is a much easier solutions, buying bras online can be a pain. With online retailing getting more and more popular each day I have been wondering about the pros and cons of buying bras online and in shops.

Bra Shops

When you’re in a store wondering what size you are it’s easy to go to the changing room and ask the bra fitter to measure you. However this is just going off one size which is comfortable for you. What about different brands? Not all bras are the exact same measurements. But when you’re in a bra shop you can pick a few different types of brands and bras to try on to find your perfect fit. For me I think the worst problem I have is actually finding my size because shops mainly tend to stock the more popular sizes, which for me with an awkward size is a pain!

bra shops

Bra shops online

Unlike bra shops, bra shopping online has all ranges of sizes in stock and not just in plain colours! No waiting in long queues saves a ton of time and you have a wider range of choice while still being in your loungewear. Although the down side to bra shopping online is the risk of the product not looking the same as the picture, it doesn’t fit, waiting for your purchase to come and if it’s for a special occasion it might not show up on time.

bra shopping online

So the big question is; which is better? For me Bra shopping online is my preferred choice. What’s yours?

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