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Bras online

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on August 04, 2014

Buying bras online can be tricky business. We all know sizes are different in every shop we go to, and knowing the lingerie brands you like is a simple step to getting it right every time. But there might just be a bit more to the fluctuating fit than you think…

So you’ve done all the measurements and calculations and checked them twice; you know your size, but for some reason that dream bra just doesn’t fit. However, that might not mean you have to do without that beautiful bra that may just be your one true love; you just need to experiment a little and be bra size savvy. Now of course, that doesn’t mean make do with the wrong size.

We’ve posted about our handy bra size calculator before, with all the info you need to find your size, but that size is never set in stone. If you do need some more help understanding the perfect fit, this helpful video from one of our favourite brands, Curvy Kate shows you exactly how to know if your bra is just right.


The ‘two finger test’ is so simple yet effective and really can make all difference between a bra that simply looks good and a bra that feels great. Remember: can you comfortably slip two fingers underneath, all the way around the band and under the straps - yes? Perfect!

Now, knowing how to measure is all well and good, but that doesn’t mean the size you come up with is going to be the right size in every style and brand.

That’s where sister bra sizing comes in. You might not have heard of it before, but understanding this neat little trick could be the answer to all of your bra buying dreams.

Sister bra sizing may seem pretty complicated at first, but it’s so useful to remember when trying to find your fit. The simplest way to remember how experimenting with your bra size works is: As cup size goes up, band size goes down.

But to save you some time trying on every size available, knowing your sister sizes can be a quick and easy shortcut.

Some bra sizes have the same cup volume yet are labelled as totally different sizes. As brasize.com points out in their useful table, if you think you are a size 34C, a 32D or 36B could also be the perfect fit for you. Try it for yourself and tell us on Facebook what you think of this different way to understanding your fit.



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