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Bra Types...Which style is best for you?

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on August 15, 2014

We have all asked the question, why is there so many different bra types and which is best for me, right?

Hopefully Bras and Honey can help with what bra types will best suit your needs.

Balconette Bras also known as Balcony Bras.

These are the most popular bra types. The cups tend to give you a more rounded shape without high coverage; the cup will give a straight line across the boobies and will show more cleavage but will still offer great support due to them having a wider set strap. They are also known to have a shorter wire so if you suffer from underwire poking you under the arms this would be ideal for you.

It is the perfect everyday wear bra type and will fit almost every body shape.


Freya Jungle Fever


Fantasie Abigail


Panache Envy

Full Cup Bras.

For those looking for a little extra coverage then the full cup bra is the one for you. These bra types are most popular with women with larger cup sizes looking for a higher neckline to prevent boob spillage.

A full cup bra is not recommended for ladies with shallow breast this is when there is not a lot of breast tissue at the top of your breasts and fuller at the bottom. They have wide straps and are the most supportive.

They are usually known as a granny bra but this is no longer. There are many sexy, lace and mesh full cup bras available.

fantasie-belle-underwired-full-cup-bra-6001 Fantasie Belle

Panache Front View Sports Bras


Elomi Caitlyn


Plunge Bras. If you are looking for a low center, deep neckline and incredible cleavage these bra types are best for you. Most plunge bras will have push up padding and have thinner straps. If you have a larger cup I would recommend going for a plunge with side support so you do not sacrifice support.

WBW00J5SKIN Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge



Longline Bras.

A longline bra has an extra wide band that extends down the waist providing more support than a regular bra. They are great as strapless bras and are popular bridal or prom bras.

Most longline bras you will find will be detailed or have pattern this is due to these bras being able to be worn now as outerwear to get the celebrity look.

Remember when purchasing a longline bra the fit maybe more difficult because it has to fit the waist.


Freya Flourish


Freya Hopscotch


Half Cup Bras also known as a Demi Cup Bra.

A half cup bra is very similar to a balcony bra. They have shorter wires and less coverage they cover about half of the bust and have a low center. They are perfect for extra lift but for smaller cup sizes.

This bra type is great if you have shallow breasts or are petite or have trouble with underwire poking under your arms.

This bra is designed to expose a lot of chest so if you are spilling out try going up a cup size.


Freya Thimble Cottage


Elle Macpherson Artistry


Strapless Bras

We all need a supportive strapless bra in our lingerie draw. Perfect if it has removable straps allowing you to wear this multiple of ways.

Woman fear most that the strapless will fall down and not offer support this is true if the size is not correct. A correctly fitting bra shouldn’t need straps the support is in the band.

Many strapless bras will have a silicone trim around the bottom of the band and the top for extra security.

MARIA-STRAPLESS-8500 Elomi Maria removable straps.

9335-BLK-320 Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless

Sports Bras

The most important bra you should own. These bra types are designed to support your boobies from excessive movement when exercising.

There are many different sports bras depending on your activity level. They tend to be High, Medium and Low. They are made from fabric that moves moisture away from your skin and they dry quickly. They also tend to be high cut for total coverage and some are designed to be worn as outerwear.

They are a snug fit to secure against your body but we would recommend buying your usual size.


Shock Absorber Active Padded

Nursing Bras

Nursing Bras are designed for easy access for breastfeeding, comfort and health in mind. They are usually soft cup with a wider band for support when your boobs are at their most sensitive.

They feature a clip at the top of the cup that can easily drop the cup and are now available in more fashionable and flattering designs.

Please see our blog on nursing bras coming soon.

11122008_220920 Freya Dotty

I hope our blog on Bra types from Freya, Fantasie and many more has helped you choose a style that will most suit your needs and if you need more information please visit Bras and Honey's Buying Guide.



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