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Boob Tape: How and Why?

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on December 02, 2021

 As a woman, life can require a strappy shirt or two. Maybe you’re going out for the night, and you want to wear that strapless mini dress that’s been sitting in your closet. Maybe you have a date to go on and you want to show off some cleavage with a deep v cut neckline. Maybe you have a wedding to go to and your dress is backless. In any case, you can’t always rely on a strapless bra to save the day. Even strapless bras have a visible band and show from the back. So, what are your options? Going braless never works for very long on account of your breasts falling out every chance they get. Fortunately, here at Bras & Honey, we have the life saver you’ve been looking for.

Boob tape should be another wonder of the world. Made with a stretchy material that forms completely seamless to the skin, boob tape is a save-all when it comes to needing a bra without the coverage to wear one. Breast tape is made to adhere to the chest and act as a sling and hold and lift the breasts into the desired shape and position. One side is covered in a gentle adhesive that sticks to the skin and is able to hold for a long as you need to without pulling on the skin or being irritating. The adhesive is strong enough to stay stuck to the skin throughout the day, but gentle enough to be taken off easily without tearing or leaving rashes on the skin. We offer boob tape in 2 inches wide for small to medium breasts, and 3 inches wide for large to extra large breasts. Each width is good for different sizes of breasts and will hold up any size with the right application. They also come in a variety of skin tones, including Blush, Caramel, Mocha, and Cocoa.

Now that we have educated you on what exactly boob tape is, now we are going to teach you how to use it. To get started, you are going to measure, measure, measure. First holding the tape up to the front of the breast, you are going to measure from the nipple up towards the shoulder. Measure this piece and fold where you are going to cut. Cutting off this piece, you will then move on to the side of the breast, measuring how ever you would like to apply the tape. There are many ways to wrap your breasts, but the simplest way would be around the front leading up towards the shoulder, around the side to support fallout, and around the bottom to round the breast and give cleavage.

After you have measure and cut out your pieces, it’s time to stick. Carefully remove the paper backing on each strip, being careful to not let the adhesive touch itself. Place each piece on the breast, pulling the tissue into place with the adhesive and creating your perfect shape. You can overlap the pieces if needed and stretch them as far as you need, remembering to work with the areas that will not show under the garment you’re wearing.

After you have taped up your breasts, you can modify the work with scissors and cut away any edges or showing material that you need. And now you are done! You can adjust as needed, but otherwise, you are ready to face the world with your newly formed boobs.

Now that you have all of this knowledge of boob tape and how to use it, you are free to wear any clothing you want! Backless, strapless, you name it, you can wear it. Now go be your sexiest self!

Now that you know what we have to offer, let's talk about how to apply it. Putting on the breast tape is a whole different challenge in itself. 



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