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Best Sports bras for large heavy breasts.

by Bras Honey on January 22, 2021

Wondering what are the Best Sports bras for large heavy breasts?

At Bras&Honey we want to make things easier for you, that's why we did a list of the 5 best sports bras for large heavy breasts.

1. The Freya Active Sonic Underwire Molded Sports Bra, Storm Black

Uses it's long standing history is lingerie manufacture produce this fantastic quality item. The wonderful supportive fit is great no matter what type of lifestyle you leave, this is suitable for even the most high impact workout. The professional and high quality sports bra is produce by one of the worlds leading fuller figure sports bra designers. Less bounce is a plus point of this bra thanks to the molded cups.

2. Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra, Black

Designed to reduce the effects of motion, because bounce is the one thing we do not want when exercising. The professional microfiber sports fabric is a moisture wicking fabric that controls sweat and is ventilated to improve your temperature during any type of activities. With this bra you will be able to be as active as you want, whether a jog in the park or a yoga session, you will be able to enjoy your chosen activity with concerns for your breast tissue. The Upscale quality of this product has allowed is to be a very popular addition to any lady’s kit bag. Using the encapsulation design to give you a specialized fit, by keeping the control on each breast separate. By using this method with multi part cups you will receive great shape and support and an incredible secure feeling multi part cups to encapsulate each breast. 

3. Fit Fully Yours Pauline Underwire Sports Bra, Blue/Silver

Is the customer tested proven high impact sports bra. The sporty design provides with ultra bounce control of your breasts. 

The comfortable soft fabric has that is breathable with microfiber is perfect for many types of exercise. These high quality sports fabrics provide you with coverage and keep ventilated, while the soft moisture wicking capabilities that control your temperature and sweat. 

5. Anita Maximum Support and Extreme control wire free Sports Bra, Black

The Anita Maximum Support and Extreme control Wire free Sports Bra in black is great we know choosing the right bra for your workout can be difficult especially if you have a larger cup size. Anita sports bras are specialists in this area and with the Maximum Support and extreme control wire free Sports Bra in black, you can enjoy your favorite activity with the worry of back ache. Suitable for a wide range of exercise, the impressive compression creates less bounce saving your shoulders from pain. Your breast tissue breast is malleable and prone to stretching without adequate support, this bra is made with this in mind and reduces the chance of this happening. 

For more Information about how to put on a sports bras watch the video below!

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