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Are you guilty of not wearing a Sports Bra for a work-out? Take a look at the Bras & Honey guide to ‘5 Reasons to Wear a Sports Bra’ and see what damage you could be avoiding…

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on May 16, 2016

In 2015 the UK had an incredible 44% rise in the number of Gym Memberships taken up by Brits, this year the stat has been topped with a 24% increase from the previous year. In the way that sports and exercise are contributing to a healthier lifestyle, athletic wear and sports focused fashion has taken the lead in all high-street and high fashion brands with gym-goers investing in activewear that’s fresh and fit for purpose. Athletic attire is no doubt running circles around us with diverse designs, powerful prints and flattering fabrics, that make us want to splurge and sweat in style - however, we’re all very much guilty of one thing…slacking on our sports bras. Sports Bra’s are an absolute must for all girls, despite bust sizes and exercises and unfortunately many women are spending more on their sneakers than protecting their chest. If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘Why should I wear a Sports Bra?’ the Bras & Honey guide ‘5 Reasons to wear a Sports Bra’ will provide an insightful look into the primary benefits of wearing a Sports Bra & the unfortunate (and scary) side-effects of skipping on the right support during exercise. Minimise Movement Scientific studies conducted by the University Of Portsmouth found that an A Cup can bounce up to 4cm’s during sports with a G Cup moving, on average, up to 14cm’s away from the chest throughout exercise. Every kind of exercise encourages movement of your chest (thanks gravity!) and we’re not just talking vertically but from side to side too. This is why suitable support is essential to ensure you’re able to dedicate yourself to a work-out with no annoying distractions. At Bras & Honey, our range of Sports Bra’s offer varied degrees of support with Light Support, Medium Support and High Support to cater to your shape and offer the correct support level for your work-out. For maximum support that will minimise movement, the Shock Absorber ‘Ultimate Run Bra’ available in Black, White, Purple, Pink & Aqua has become quite the icon! Engineered to counteract the figure-of-eight movement that occurs during running, this high support sports bra has been proven to reduce bounce by up to 70%. Reduce Damage Unfortunately, our boobs have very little natural support with just skin and connective tissue known as Cooper Ligament’s, maintaining the position and structure of our breasts and breast tissue. Although designed to keep us in shape, the Cooper Ligaments can’t withstand additional pressures or force placed on our chest and so movement we experience through exercise can stretch these ligaments leading the irreversible effects of sagging boobs. Wearing a well-fitting bra can help support and maintain your boobs on a daily basis but with the added pressures of sports and exercise it is fundamental that you wear a sports bra to provide additional support and protect your boobs from permanent damage. Prevents Pain Unlike the long-term effects than can occur through not wearing a sports bra, the third point on our report of ‘5 Reasons to Wear a Sports Bra’ focuses on the immediate and regrettable pain that occurs during or following exercise without the correct support. Due to the sensitive nature of our breasts, it’s very common to experience breast pain during exercise if you have not chosen to wear the correct sports bra. Boob pain is often directly linked with both cup size and movement with sensitive nerves that run throughout our breast tissue becoming disrupted or damaged by sudden movement - thus causing us pain and major discomfort. Effectively prevent pain and leading us to have a confident care-free work out with a specially chosen Active Bra like the ‘Freya Underwired Sports Bra’ in Black which provides multi-dimensional support and hold available for all sizes up to a H Cup. Perfect your Posture For many muscle building and toning exercises, correct form and posture is key. With larger cup sizes, boobs can dramatically affect your posture if not supported suitably. During exercise the movement that occurs can provide additional pressures on the chest which leads to your shoulders and neck being pushed forward in a rounded position, with the additional weight pushing down on the ribcage. As well as altering posture, this can cause other discomforts that can be avoided with the ideal support provided by a Gym Bra or Sports Bra. Choose a Sports Bra like the ‘Shock Absorber Flexi Wire Sports Bra’ to distribute weight evenly across the chest with a series of astute features that ensure comprehensive hold and comfort on both the back and chest for cup sizes D-H. Improve performance Unlike ‘regular’ Bras, Sports Bra’s have been created for the sole purpose to be worn during exercise. Their support and hold are just a few of the many attributes that help facilitate for your fitness. Sports Bra’s have been designed with work-outs in mind and that’s why at Bras & Honey all of our Sports Bras, Gym Bras, Run Bras and Active Bras have been fashioned in moisture-wicking materials with seamless designs, high visibility features and vibrant colours to diminish chaffing, provide a comfortable fit and keep you feeling cool and fresh - just like the ‘Shock Absorber Active D+ Classic Support Sports Bra’ which utilises wide padded adjustable straps, high central gore and moisture wicking material to place emphasis on improving your performance! For more advice on choosing the right Sports Bra or your size and exercise, be sure to get in touch with a member of our friendly team, who will be able to make the perfect suggestion…but for now, remember to always wear a Sport Bra at all levels of exercise to protect from pain, minimise movement and improve your performance.



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