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Reasons Men Should Shop Online for Lingerie Gifts

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on September 21, 2015

Christmas is fast approaching guys! And with our recent Lingerie Buying guide for men , highlighting they key points to finding the perfect lingerie for your spouse, Bras and Honey thought we would write a blog about why it is so much better to shop online for lingerie gifts. It can be hard to know the benefits for men shop online for lingerie gifts, and that is why we thought it was a great idea to tell you all about the experience of online lingerie shopping.

Less Embarrassing

Even women can get embarrassed when they are lingerie shopping, so it is no wonder men get nervous when entering a lingerie shop. All that embarrassment is a thing of the past when you shop online, with all the same lingerie with none of the awkward tension and looks. We know what you’re thinking, “But what happens when I get stuck and need help?” There is nothing to worry about if you are a little flummoxed and need help, as we have a live chat, so you can talk to a real person who is trained to help you with your queries.

Not only do Bras and Honey have the live chat to help you through your lingerie gift woes, but we also have useful guides, like Lingerie Buying Guide for Men and informative blog articles that could prove to be very beneficial. It is also very easy to return an item or replace it for a different size. Instead of having to sheepishly return to the already embarrassing lingerie shop, you can just send them back with the freepost address and we will handle it from there.

Easier to Choose

The usual lingerie shop can be an overwhelming experience, with rows and rows of different lingerie, and nothing to tell you all the differences. Luckily, when shopping with Bras and Honey, we have some great features to make choosing the right lingerie set for you even easier. Bras and Honey have detailed descriptions of the items available from us, to help you make the most informed decision you possibly can. We also have a search filter feature to narrow down your search choices to specific brands, size, colour and style. There is also the added benefit that most of our lingerie is modelled by real women in our images, so you can actually see what the underwear will look like on and if it will suit.

Has this convinced you to shop online for lingerie gifts? Did you find this useful? Tell us your thoughts in a comment below.


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