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Have you discovered Freya Lingerie yet? Find out more about one of Britain’s most exciting Lingerie Brands with Bras & Honey

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on June 13, 2016

Bras & Honey - Freya Bra Collections It’s been said that a good bra is like a great friend, close to your heart and there for support…at Bras & Honey, we cannot agree more but the true joy, however, comes in finding a bra that provides more than just a little support…

For many years, we have been dedicated to discovering beautiful lingerie collections from some of the World’s most feminine and fearless designer lingerie brands and our goal always remains the same, simply sourcing bra’s and lingerie with a commitment to finding styles and shapes that will make us feel confident and look amazing. Without doubt, one of our most popular and highly acclaimed lingerie collections comes from British based lingerie professionals, Freya. Freya Lingerie and Freya Bra Collections have become the foundation for many of our lingerie selections, with a design approach which combines fashion with functionality. It is suggested that Freya’s continued global success relies on that fact that although Freya Bras provide exceptional support, unrivaled comfort and fantastic fit every time - their passion, focus and innovation cements the brands positive ethos to developing bras and lingerie that will continue to make us look and feel gorgeous! With a nomination for the 2016 ‘Your Style Fitness’ Awards, a win at the Cosmopolitan Fashion Awards, a UK Lingerie Award, Brand of the year and countless features in some of the UK’s most notable fashion and press publications…it’s no surprise that Bras & Honey and Freya Bras go together like silk and lace and with no further adieu, we would be delighted to introduce you to the desirable and delectable Freya Bras Collection… Freya Bras for all busts! Unlike some other lingerie collections Freya Bras are all-accommodating for every size! At Bras & Honey, we stock Freya Bra collections available in up to a K cup. Freya Bras undergo an extensive design and manufacture process to ensure that every piece offers comprehensive support, comfort and lift in all shapes and sizes. Take a look at the different range of Freya Bra styles which includes Freya Balcony Bras, Freya Side Support Bras, Freya Moulded Bras, Freya Plunge Bras, Freya Longline Bras, Freya Larger Cup Bras, Freya Half Cup Bras, Freya Multiway Bras and Freya Strapless Bras. With Freya Bra styles and sizes to suit every shape, your biggest question will be polka-dots or pastels? or both? Freya Essentials Freya Bra Essentials are recognised as the absolute investment piece for all lingerie lovers! Freya essentials combine classic stylings with unbeatable comfort for a go-to bra collection that will never let you down. Choose natural lift and sophisticated support with the lusted Freya Deco, Frey Deco Delight and Freya Deco Darling collections - pretty and simplistic pieces with delicate accents fashioned in alluring fabrics. As part of the Freya Bra essentials collections, Bras & Honey also stock the super seamless , moulded Freya Deco shape wear collection - a romantic take on conventional shapewear designed with comfort in mind. Freya Active In 2008, Freya channeled their experience and lingerie knowledge into an active bra range to provide ladies everywhere with maximum support in all sports and athletic activities and work-outs. The Freya Active Bra collections combines the popular Freya fit and the Freya fashion-forward ethos to deliver a range of Sports and Swimwear Bras that keep you feeling supported and sassy as you sweat. The Freya Active Sports Bra range at Bras & Honey includes Freya Underwired Sports Bras, Freya Wireless Sport Bras and Freya Soft Cup Sports Bras in a range of muted and neutral colours to compliment all your athletic wear pieces. Fashion-Forward Freya Florals, Pastels, Prints, Brights & Bolds! Since their official launch in 1998, the Freya Lingerie Brand has always pushed the boundaries when it comes to being fashion-forward! Despite comfort, fit and lift the Freya Bra Collections have never compromised on style. Take a look at the Freya Bra Collections and see how the humble T-Shirt Bra takes on a quirky alter-ego or the pretty plunge bra is awakened by a cute and contemporary print! Take on one of 2016’s hottest trends with Freya’s latest collections - we recommend the tropical Freya Utopia Bra Collection, The Freya Rapture in super-sweet candy shade ‘bubblegum’ or the Freya Eden Underwire Bra Collection for a whimsical take on this summers biggest floral trend. The Freya Bra Collections are a huge favourite for ladies across the globe and we hope, that with a little help from Bras & Honey, you can shop essentials and statement pieces to make you feel amazing in Freya! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the helpful Bras & Honey team if you have any questions or enquiries….but for now, polka-dots or pastels?


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