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(Curvy) Princess Kate Nude...

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on September 17, 2012

Hello All,

We are seeing a massive chunk of traffic from people around the World searching for 'Princess Kate Nude' or 'Princess Kate Naked'... well we do not have photos of Kate Middleton in the nude, certainly not! BUT we do have the Curvy Kate Princess in Nude colour, as well as other colours, by all means have a look at that set of photo's :) and feel free to make a purchase.

By the way, we also have other styles in the Curvy Kate Lingerie range including the Curvy Kate Portia. Plus a fabulous range of Freya Bra and Bikini's (Bet Kate wishes she had bought one of our Bikini's)

Check us out (even those searching for Princess Kate Nude).. at www.brasandhoney.co.uk

Bras & Honey

Not affiliated with Princess Kate in the Nude in any way.

Curvy Kate Princess, Nude
Not Kate Middleton, but Curvy Kate Princess at Bras & Honey


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