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The History of the Bra Highlights

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on September 17, 2015
Glamour magazine has just released a video chronicling The History of the Bra. Everyone here at Bras and Honey loved the video, and found it to be very informative and full of interesting facts. So we have decided to fill you in on the best bits and the highlights of The history of the Bra. We have picked the most pivotal points in the history of the bra and also the most memorable.

Late 1920s: The Maidenform

In the late 1920s is when the world was first introduced to what was going to be the basic template to every bra to come. Maidenform stormed onto the lingerie market with a design that that flattered and celebrated the female shape. Before this women were stuffed into uncomfortable corsets, or made to feel ashamed for having womanly curves in the early 1920s. Even the name, Maidenform, was chosen to show differences from the boyish form bras.

1930s:The Underwire

Very quickly there was another bra revolution. The Underwire Bra was born, and women have never looked back. Underwiring in bras now provided even more lift, shape and hold, not only celebrating the female form but supporting it.

1970s: The Nipple Bra

This unique style kicked off in the 70’s, you weren’t cool unless you had a bra with built in nipples. Yes that’s right, the trend was to have the “sensual cold weather look”. Recently Victoria Secret tried to revive the built in nipple fad, but to no avail.

1970s: The Jockstrap / Jogbra

The very first manufactured Sports Bra was produced, and it was called the Jogbra. The Jogbra was originally going to be called a “Jock Bra”, because before there was the commercialised Jogbra, women would make their own sports bra from jock straps. Could you imagine? Having to make you own bra, because no one has created a bra with the functions you need.

2009: The Smart Memory Bra

The Smart Memory Bra was a long overdue step forward for the bra industry. The high tech memory foam reacts to temperatures, expanding in heat and contracting in cold. It has not revolutionised the bra business yet. But thanks to innovative creations like the Smart memory bra, we have had exciting new innovations like at New York Fashion Week. Making its debut on the New York catwalk was the Shape-shifting bra from designer Chromat. Moving on from the memory foam, this “Aeros Sports Bra” will responsively morph shape to give you the perfect fit, with the help of a built in intel computer chip that can alter the bras shape and function.

The History of the Bra is definitely not over, I think we have new and exciting things to come, to revolutionise our bra wearing experience. What is your favourite bra from history? Tell us your thoughts on The History of the Bra in a comment below.


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