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Matching Bras and Panties?

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on July 29, 2014

To Match or Not to Match, That is the Question.

There’s a long-standing debate amongst women on whether we need to match our bras and panties, with many arguing they simply don’t have time to think about it on the morning.

While some say they couldn't care less, others try to at least match in colour, tending to stick to simple ‘black or white only’ palettes to keep things easy in the underwear department.

Now the sun is out and temperatures are soaring, what our underwear is like is more important than ever. With low-cut tops, strapless dresses and a whole array of weirdly wonderful floaty fabrics ready and waiting to show off every lump and bump, this just makes matching our base even harder to do.

For example: Take your favourite off the shoulder maxi dress – it’s soft and sheer and so comfortable, but it needs some invisible underwear…but your best strapless bra is black and your only thong is white!

Or even tougher, the dreaded white trousers. They look great with bold coloured tops to make a statement, but a shiny white bra strap sticking out from beneath a fuchsia floral vest sort of spoils the finished look.

Let’s face it: matching your underwear set is just not always an option.

Nevertheless, that’s no reason not to buy matching underwear sets to begin with. After all, you never know when you might need something a little bit special and a drawer full of oddments isn't going to help.

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Style Solutions

If you find you just can’t keep up with matching every day, check out this post by lingerie blogger Shelly on how to make the mismatch a perfect match.

It really is a case of quality over quantity. You don’t need to have a set in every colour, shape and style (though wouldn’t that be nice).

When you start out with beautiful pieces you’re proud of you can embrace the clash of colours, prints and textures. What’s more you can turn 3 matching sets into 9 miss-matching sets – so it can be cost effective too!

Whether you want something seriously sexy or fun and playful underneath, making sure you match in a way that works for you is a confident boost that always makes you feel well put together.

Join the debate, tell us on Facebook what you think about matching underwear – are you Miss Matching or Miss-matching?


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