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Big Bras More Money?!?

by Nicola Rodney-Crook on September 05, 2014

The question why do big bras cost so much more than small bras? The answer is they don't well not at Bras and Honey. Our brands for example Freya will provide bra sizes from a B Cup to a K Cup at the same price.


Get matching big knickers :)

The difference between price is the brand you buy. If your looking for support and uplift you are best to invest in a good quality bra they are a little more expensive due to the amount of engineering that has to go into them compared to high street cheaper brands but they will last longer if taken care of, this means taking care when washing and never tumble dry!

Cheap bras can also be costly, they can be ill fitting without support or uplift, this can lead to bad posture and back problems. Be sure to get a professional bra fitting, it can change your life and self image.

Try looking at our Sale for a cheaper alternative without compromising on quality.


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